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Wood Harris

Wood Harris is that actor that takes up a role, wears it like his second skin, kills it then moves on to the next role, sometimes unappreciated. What do you know about Wood Harris the drug baron from many pictures? Here are five of some of the most frequently asked questions for the hungry – you.

How old is Wood Harris?

For many, the answer is a two-word phrase, old enough. But Wood Harris is not “many” actors. He goes back to Chicago during the Civil Rights Movement. His mother was a seamstress (echos of ) and his father a bus driver. It was the average black family in the seventies but Harris didn’t turn out average and it is not because he is a celebrity today.

He is well educated. Harris has a degree (Theater Arts, Northern Illinois University). Then on top of that, he bagged a master’s degree (whatever it was he studied, it was at New York University, a master’s degree is a master degree and we are proud of him – if you are not).

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Wood Harris is 49 years old as he was born on October 17, 1969.

Where was Wood Harris born?

Wood Harris was born in Chicago where he grew up into adulthood. He has a small break from the city without leaving the state when he attended the university in DeKalb. At College, Harris took some acting classes “because I thought it was going to be an easy grade.” It wasn’t easy but he enjoyed it and his interest, buoyed by a relation already making money in the industry, swelled.

After college, Harris attended the audition of “Above the Rim” having no qualification except his confidence. “So I had a lot of confidence. I felt like, ‘Sh*t, I’ma make it.” And he made it; it helped that there was some basketball to be played in the movie.

The casting team called him the very next day and a star was born.

It wasn’t such a big deal the film, not at the box office at least as it made less than 17 million dollars. But there was one interesting actor in the film, a certain Tupac Shakur, and yes, that was, and is a big deal.

After this movie, Harris left Chicago City for New York. It was in New York City that he flirted with going into music. It would be a disservice to his aspirations to say that he decided to go musical due to the meeting the legendary Tupac but that must have played a part.

Music didn’t break for Wood Harris but pictures did. He got more roles that he had to leave New York City for Los Angeles.

How many brothers does Wood Harris have?

One and his name is Steve Harris and he is also an actor. Steve might be the lesser-known of the two but he is older and began his career nearly a decade before Wood won his first role. Steve has earned recognitions of nominations and awards with his skills, especially for his performance in the legal thriller “The Practice” on ABC.

Steve Harris’ other notable appearances include “Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman”, “Round 12” and “Awake”. Don’t know about these? No surprises, we would’ve been if you knew these titles.

What is Wood Harris’ net worth?

According to ArticleBio, we have to name the source, you never know, Harris Wood worth around three million dollars. Not quite in the same league with Will Smith and LL Cool J but not in the roadside pinching someone for bread.

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Movies don’t lie. Fifty movies and counting, Harris earned every cent he owns. He was part of the biographical sports film “Remember the Titans” from 2000. He was in the crime drama “Paid in Full” and helped make “Creed II” make 214 million dollars of a budget of 50.

Who is Wood Harris’ wife?

We knew you would ask and we prepared the most mundane answers for you. He married his long-time girlfriend. He is a family man to the core. He is blessed with two amazing kids. He spends quality time with his wife and children. He keeps his nose clean and there hasn’t been any whiff of rumors of affairs.

Wood Harris is married to Rebekah Harris.

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