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Ted McGinley is a “Married… with Children” star. He has so made successful appearances on TV that if the argument on whether one can be solely a TV star then McGinley’s name should be thrown in now and again. Here are facts about the star you have been craving for.

How old is Ted McGinley

45. We are kidding. Well, sometimes he looks it but seeing is not always believing. Ted McGinley was born on May 30, 1958, which makes him 61 if you are reading this in 2019, 75 if you are reading this in 2033 and 3,444 if you are reading this in he(ll)aven.

Ted was born in California (New Port Beach if you insist). Growing up, it seems Ted would make a living in water or rather on water as he established himself as an excellent swimmer so much that he worked summer gigs as a lifeguard. He was such a merman that he got a water polo scholarship into the University of Southern California to study.

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One day he took his girlfriend’s joke of becoming a model seriously. He began to do modeling gigs. McGinley didn’t graduate from the university. The scholarship was discontinued because the scholar had ditched swimming to modeling or because of not bothering to seek renewal. Whatever the case, Ted McGinley soon found himself on the opposite coast of New York City.

Like every upcoming model, Hollywood was at some disquiet part of his mind. He didn’t have to sleep in cramped hotels and ride in potatoes trucks to get to auditions. On a certain faithful day, a director saw Ted’s face in GQ magazine and decided that the handsome face and near-6-footer will be in his movie.

How much money is Ted McGinley worth?

Ted McGinley is worth around five million dollars. A decent return for a career encroaching into its fourth decade.

Ted’s first screen appearance came when he featured in the comedy series on ABC from 1980 to 1984. He played the role of a High School basketball coach for sixty-one episodes, a most impressive figure for a first-timer. Between 1983 and 1987, McGinley was part of two popular series of the decade, the comedy series, “The Love Boat” on ABC (60 episodes) and “Dynasty” also on ABC (34 episodes).

And by near the end of the decade, McGinley took a major role in Fox’s “Married… with Children” where he played the role of Jefferson Milhouse D’Arcy, a man who married an older woman for her money with his pretty face been his only offering – a de facto gigolo. McGinley played this role until 1997, raking in 167 episodes and cementing his place in the heart of millions of TV watchers.

More on his career

While his first and famous appearances are on television, Ted McGinley has made successful appearances in films. His first film was the comedy “Young Doctors in Love”.

The romantic war film “Pearl Habor” (2001) was a notable film Ted was involved in. The film won awards, made 450 million dollars in the Box office and held the title of the 3rd most grossing romantic film for more than a dozen years. He was the lead actor in Christmas with a Capital C in 2010, part of the teen comedy “The Outcasts” on Netflix (2007).

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There were some unflattering credits on his Career Road. For instance, McGinley was a part of the Christian drama film “God is Not Dead: A Light in Darkness” that flopped in the Box Office in 2018.

We could have said it wasn’t just moving pictures that made him his money. He was a part of Dancing with Celebrities in 2008, paired with Inna Brayer, a pro dancer. The pair was eliminated in the second asking so we cannot say it wasn’t just moving pictures that made him his money.

Ted McGinley: Sons and wife

The question usually asked about the actor is, Does Ted McGinley have a son? The is yes yes and this is no typographical error as he is blessed with two sons, named Beau Martin McGinley (B. May 25, 1994) and Quinn Thomas McGinley, Beau Martin McGinley and Quinn Thomas McGinley. He made these boys together with his wife Gigi Rice, the actress who is known for her role in the film “I’m Not Rapport”. It would have been a cruel irony for the star of “Married… with Children” not to be married with children at age 61.

The couple got married in 1991. The couple lives in Los Angeles.

Other Ted McGinley’s facts include the fact that Ted rather looks like American legendary president Ronald Reagan.

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