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Toyin Abraham

I have always considered Toyin Abraham as a newcomer in the industry. The name always sounded familiar but does not lay itself for complete knowledge. Toyin Abraham is not a new actor. She has been in the scene for a lot of time, knocking towards 20 years, with the name Toyin Aimakhu. Now it hits, now I understand. She changed the name, as she said, to signify a fresh start far from the negativity that a bad marriage and a humiliating ex-boyfriend Aimakhu came to be associated with which is overdocumented on the blogs. There is no way to write about Toyin without disturbing the embers of the salacious stories of her private life. In this post, we will be as cautious as possible and write only facts in a way that does not betray her story nor paint our profile in a cowardly manner. Here is everything you need to know about Toyin Abraham.

Age and education

Toyin Abraham was born Olutoyin Aimakhu in September 1980. She was born in the well-known town of Auchi in Edo State. Toyin Abraham grew up in Ibadan, Oyo State. For her education, she bagged her Diploma from Osun State Polytechnic, Iree and her HND in marketing from  Ibadan Polytechnic.

Toyin Abraham is 39 years old.

Toyin Abraham’s controversies

Toyin Abraham got married to Yoruba actor and producer Adeniyi Johnson in 2013. Two years and one month later, she filed for divorce citing infidelity and separated from him. Her ex-husband would later accuse Toyin of being the one who cheated by beginning to date Seun Egbegbe while still married to her. As of 2019, the marriage is yet to be totally dissolved as both parties accuse the other of delaying the process.

“I admit to all the names and accusations,” he wrote on Instagram, “Toyin, can you please let me go? The delay tactic is tiring. I see my quietness being taken for granted and is making people assume, I’m the bad egg.” He said as part of her delay antics, she failed to show up for the final signing then asked that the case be discontinued in Shagamu, Ogun State and be transferred to Ibadan where she lives.

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Toyin Abraham replied. In her response, she said she had been warned to stay away from people like Adeniji in the Yoruba industry and that he has now proven people right by living to type and giving the Yoruba industry a bad. “Please come down from your Instagram high horse,” she urged him, “as real court issues happen outside of social media.” She concluded that she has let him go for more than three years since it was she who filed for divorce in the first place. Why would she delay what she started?

A blogger further added to the confusion when he published a post claiming that Adeniji had cheated with Toyin Abraham’s best friend and actress Nkechi Blessing. Toyin herself shut the blogger up by telling her followers to learn to ignore negativity until they fade away.

After she separated from her husband, Toyin began to date Seun Egbegde a Yoruba films producer. The relationship ended in around a year. In early 2017, Seun was caught stealing iPhones and mobbed. It turned out he did more than steal and had been involved in defrauding bureau de change in Lagos and elsewhere. He was jailed and still in prison as we write this. While this case trended, bloggers made it a norm to introduce Suen Egbegbe as Toyin Aimakhu’s ex-boyfriend. Seun was the one who was accused of stealing, Toyin’s name was trending as well.

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“I regret my relationship with Seun Egbegbe,” she told Ebuka of Rubin Minds on Channels TV in May 2017, adding, “I think I’m unlucky when it comes to love.” She concludes: “I will never date anyone in the industry again.” She did more than that, she changed her surname from Aimakhu to Abraham.

Toyin Abraham has fought with the actress Lizzy Anjorin on the internet but we promised not to make this post about controversies and wouldn’t give further details. She was once accused of dating Vice President—

Toyin Abraham – career and new family

Toyin Abraham began acting in 2003 after the actress Bucky Wright came to Ibadan to shoot a movie and discovered the talents of Toyin Abraham when she called for an audition. Since 2003, Toyin Abraham has become an actress of note, acting and making names for herself in both Yoruba and mainstream aspects of Nollywood. In 2017, Toyin featured in the film “Alakada” which marked her entrance into cinema films which she came to dominate.

Some of Toyin’s well-known movies include “Hire a Man”, “Omugwo”, “American Driver”, “Tatu” (2017), “Love in the Hair” (2016), “Okafor’s Love” (2016), “Bling Lagosians” (2019) produced by Bolanle Austen-Peters and starring Gbenga Titilayo and Alexx Ekubo as well, “Elevator Baby” (2019) which also stars Shaffy Bello and Sambasa Nzeribe, “Kasanova” starring Wale Ojo and Ireti Doyle. Toyin Abraham was thrice nominated for the role of best actress for these last three movies for the AMVCA and, at least, one of which she acted while pregnant for her son (she acted the rest either pregnant or during the first few weeks of nursing her baby – if you don’t think Toyin Abraham is a legend then you are not paying attention).

Toyin currently married to Kolawola Ajiyemi whom she had a baby boy for in August 2019. The two had a quiet marriage that was not caught by the blogs and the internet only became aware of just before she put to bed.

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