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Ebere Okaro

If you ever want to divide Nollywood actors and actresses into the aspect of Nollywood they fall into, you will struggle to get Ebere Okaro into a category without a giant asterisk. Will you put Ebere Okaro with the cheap Nollywood or with the new Nollywood we watch at the cinema or on cable TV. You won’t know because Ebere Okaro does all of them. Today, she is in “Eze Ndiara na America”, the next day, she is in “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free”. Igbo, Engligbo, and English films, she does all. My most memorable awareness of Okaro was when she won AMVCA Best Supporting Actress for her role in “4-1-Love” and then said “we are coming back” on the stage. If there has ever been a real swagger on stage, this is it. Here is everything you need to know about one of your favorite stars from your favorite writer.

Ebere Okaro – Age and education

Ebere Okaro was born in London in January 1964. She was born to a Catholic family whose mother worked as a TV producer and a father who is said to have interests in arts and literature. It is then correct to say that genetically, Ebere Okaro was prepared for a career on the screen. Ebere grew up in Nsukka where she is from (dear Lota Chukwu,meet your sister). Ebere studied at Santa Maria Primary School and Queen of the Holy Rosary, all in Nsukka, Enugu State.

For her tertiary education, Ebere was at the University of Calabar where she began studying education. Education, to become a tutor. This is not what she wanted. Her passion was in the dramatic arts and she soon transferred to the department of theatre arts where she earned her BA. After her education, she did her compulsory youth service in NTA Lagos where she earned her first screen credit.

As at the time of writing this in early 2020, Ebere Okaro is 56 years old.

Ebere Okaro – Career

This is Nigeria, we can never say for sure how many movies our stars are featured in. In fact, even the stars themselves can’t say. Data is not something we take seriously down here. So you would hear people say things like “Genevieve has featured in hundreds of movies” or “Omotola is a veteran of more than 300 movies”. For Ebere Okaro, the phrase is 250 movies to her name. It could be more, it could be less but this fact has put Ebere Okaro among the veteran stars whose credits are uncountable and counted in the hundreds.

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Some of the movies Ebere Okaro featured in include “Moving Fingers”, “Shallow Waters”, “Third Eyes”, “Bambitious”, Hostages”, “Eze Ndi Ara in America”, “Chetenna”, “The Village Terror”, “The Village Fighter”, “Mothers Blood”, “Married but Living Single”, “Road to Yesterday”, “Family Swag” which she acted with Harry B, “Living in Bondage: Breaking Free” where she played the role of Swanky JKA’s foster mother, etc. Okaro has also produced movies. In 2014, she produced and starred in “Musical Whispers” which was a movie made for the promotion of care for children with autism. Chioma Chukwuka and Kalu Ikeagwu featured in the movie.

Ebere’s career is in a comeback state at this stage. At a point, her career declined so much she had to look for employment elsewhere, working in an embassy and then a bank. It was after the bank collapsed that she returned to Nollywood. If the bank had not gone under, we may have lost Ebere Karo for good.

Family and net worth

Ebere’s full name is Ebere Okaro-Onyiuke. The Onyiukes are said to be a popular name in Enugu. A search of the name brings out a lot of results for Ebere Okaro-Onyiuke which says so much for a popular name. We have basically no information about her husband and children. Ebere is one actor who has kept her private life private.

I have also seen a lot of people mention that she has a net worth of 500 thousand naira. This amount may made five to six cheap movies but will struggle to pay for a week PR for a cinema film. No, Ebere is worth much more than this. We hardly ever know the real net worth of our stars but we know stars who are not worth peanuts and Ebere Okaro is one of them. At a calculated guess, I would say Ebere is worth eight million naira.

Image source: Nairaland

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