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Shaffy Bello

Shaffy Bello sometimes spelled as Shafy Bello is no stranger in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She first made her mark in the show business as a backup singer in Seyi Sodumu 1997 banger “Love me Jeje”. She has remained relevant even after she veered away from the entertainment scene for other endeavors, what do you want to know about the actress and singer? See five of some of the most important facts about her here.

Shaffy Bello grew up in the US

Shaffy Bello was born in Nigeria on October 9, 1974, before moving to the US in 1987. Just like her mates, Shaffy is not the only entertainer who left the shores of Nigeria at a very young age, entertainers like Tiwa Savage and Adesua Etomi Wellington were also born in Nigeria but raised outside Nigeria.

Shaffy schooled in the United States of America and lived most of her adult life being away from Nigeria until her return in 2009. She immediately ignited the show biz fire in her and made her film debut in “Eti Keta”, a Yoruba movie.

Shaffy Bello is 45 years.

She is more than just an actress

Shaffy Bello started her career brilliantly as a backup singer on her cousin’s song “Love me Jeje” in 1997. Shaffy sang the chorus and floated on the hook of the song which was enough to inspire her to add singer on her CV, but there were no hit songs after the “Love me Jeje” vocals or so it seems. She once declared that music is still part of her and that she has not had time to drop more songs.

When she returned to Nigeria in 2009, she met an improved entertainment industry that has gone through several rebirths. Shaffy blended in quite easily and landed her first movie role in the Yoruba film “Eti Keta”. It was not clear what jobs she held in the States but the Nigerian entertainment industry received her with open arms and awarded her with juicy roles.

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She plays the role of Joanne Lawson in the MNet TV series “Tinsel” where she is the best friend of Ireti Doyle. Shaffy also portrayed the character of Adesua in “Taste of Love” and she also appeared in “Battleground”. Elsewhere, she has appeared in films like “It’s Her Day”, “When Love Happens”, “Hire A Man”, “Gbomo Gbomo Express, “From Lagos with Love”, “Voiceless Scream” and “Chief Daddy”. She revealed that she is not regretting her decision to move back to Nigeria and pursue her acting dreams but who in her shoes would regret a status elevating relocation. Shaffy has more to offer her fans as she keeps urging them to watch her films.

Shaffy Bello is married

Shortly after she moved to the US, Shaffy got married and the marriage has been heaven on earth if going by what she says during interviews. However, there are indications to believe that she is enjoying marital bliss having celebrated her 25 years marriage anniversary something that seems to be going out of style in marriages these days. Although she disclosed on her Instagram page that she would have divorced her husband if she entered the show business as a young lady

The union is blessed with two children Ashley and Ashton Akinrimisi who are now vloggers living in the United States. The actress shuttles between the US and Nigeria where she goes to spend quality time with her family when she is not on set of a movie. In 2012, she was nominated at the Best of Nollywood Awards for Best Lead Actress in an English Movie

The actress has an impressive net worth

Shaffy Bello has never revealed how much she earns for a TV role, she has not declared her net worth either and there is a temptation to quote one figure from the air like most bloggers do but we care about accuracy here so you can be able to quote us anywhere without fear.

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The actress has a growing net worth, we don’t know how much but we know that she is not broke as she can still afford the nicest things of life.

Shaffy Bello is a fashion aficionado

There are celebrities who spend their money on precious stones and jewels and Shaffy is one of them. Many Nigerians steal outfit ideas from the pictures she shares on Instagram. At high societal events, Shaffy lights the red carpets with her appearance, people like her are needed more often in the entertainment industry.

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