Sofia Black D’Elia: Age, Personal Life and Career

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Sofia Black D'Elia

Sofia Black D’Elia started making headlines when she was five and by the time she turned seventeen, she had already taken dance classes at Broadway Bound and portrayed the role of Bailey Wells in “All My Children” soap opera. Here are facts about her career and personal life.

How old is Sofia Black D’Elia

Sofia Black-D’Elia was born on December 23, 1991, in Clifton, New Jersey, the United States of America. Some sources put her date of birth to be December 24. Her mother Eleanor worked at a printing press while his father Anthony V. D’Elia is an Attorney. Sofia had the best of childhood anyone who grew up from her type of home can dream of and this set her career on the path of glittering success at an early age.

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Little is known about where she schooled but she has a brother named Kyle. As of August 2019, Sofia Black D’Elia is 27 years old.

Sofia Black D’Elia: Personal life

It is difficult for celebrities to live a personal life. Being famous means that privacy has been sacrificed on the altar of fame, but some stars still manage to live a private life in an unsafe digital age. Who is Sofia Black D’Elia when the cameras are down?

Firstly, she is a girl who had her first kiss in 7th grade. She was only 12 or 13 then and must have been shy. Who did she kiss? A boy who was good at basketball. (Basketball players always winning)

The actress has never been married but several sources have linked her with James Newman, a co-star in the MTV teen series “Skin”. The relationship seems to be shrouded in secrecy but the rumors have never died down.

She, however, fueled a dating rumor with some she never mentioned, only giving details of the activities they like to engage in whenever they are together. Apparently, one of their favorite activities she shared was reading through documents from World War II. She even shared the name of the book they read “It Can’t Happen Here,” written by Sinclair Lewis

Aside from James, and Mr. Anonymous that no one knows of, no other name rings a bell when it comes to her private life. She is also absent of spouse and children, thus making people believe that she has been involved in focusing on her professional life.

Away from her relationship life, Sofia loves music. Speaking with Wetpaint, she revealed the contents of her playlist and it had songs from Lupe Fiasco. She loves listening to Radiohead’s “Muse” on her sexy time soundtrack. She has also appeared in the music video of Hoodie Allen named The Chase is On.

Sofia also loves political discourse and often times shares her views on her Facebook and Instagram account. In an interview in 2017, she said, “It feels frivolous and insincere to post things on social media every day and not acknowledge what’s going on in the world”.

Sofia D’Elia’s career

At the age of seventeen, Sofia got her first major role in the soap opera “All My Children”. Her love for acting inspired her to enroll at The William Esper Studio in NYC. She completed his two year Meisner Program. And in 2010, she appeared as Tea on the MTV adaptation of the hit British teen drama “Skins”.

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She portrayed the role of a lesbian in the teen drama “Skins’ and the series shot her to fame not without some critics condemning her role, perhaps with an emphasis on her conventional upbringing.

She portrayed the character of Sage Spence in the sixth and final season of “Gossip Girl”. She also played the character of Jules Whitman in “Betrayal”, and Erin Calder in “The Messengers”

In 2015, Sofia was featured in the time travel thriller “Project Almanac” where she portrayed the role of Jessie. She has also appeared on the HBO miniseries “The Night Of” and “The Mick”.

Sofia Black D’Elia’s net worth

Sofia started acting at the age of five and has been active in the acting industry to date. Her net worth is estimated to be around $5 million that she might have collected from her acting profession.

Several sources reveal that the actress earns around earns $240 daily, $1700 weekly, $67000 monthly, and $80,000 annually. She can make more money in Hollywood. She is just 27 with the world at her feet, if we must say so.

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