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Manny Montana

Manny Montana is gaining a reputation for being not just an actor but one who is a box office magnet. Since he made his screen debut, Manny has ensured that the name Montana can no longer be traced to any one movie be it Scarface or Graceland. Here are five must-know facts about him.

1. Manny Montana was raised by his uncles and aunts

There is no information about Manny’s parents or their occupations. For Manny to be raised by his uncles and aunts, it means that his parents were not there to watch take him first step, mumble words or develop any of the childhood habits. Only information traceable to his origin is that he was born on September 12, 1983, in Long Beach, California, United States and he belongs to a Mexican-American with Spanish origin.

Manny had two younger brothers with whom he grew up with. His aunts and uncles made sure the filled the vacuum their parents left by playing parental roles in their lives and seeing them through high school. Even though Manny is grown now, he has not really revealed any information about his parents. Not that he owes anyone that information, some celebrities prefer to keep what happened in Rome to remain in Rome.

2. He abandoned a football scholarship to study Journalism and broadcasting

While at Jordan High School, Manny got a football scholarship to study at California State University. He was to chase a career as a professional footballer but following an arm injury and a recurring dislocation on his shoulder (for the eight-time) he gave up the scholarship for the fear that injuries might force him into early retirement.

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Manny proceeded to the California State University in Long Beach, California and graduated in Journalism and Broadcasting. During his undergraduate days, he worked as a DJ student radio station, mixing beats and turning tables. His mastery in the art landed his a job at Power 100.3 as an intern until his first acting opportunity came calling.

3. Manny Montana is happily married

Manny Montana is not just married but happily married. He wears this convincing smile in interviews whenever he wants to talk about his wife and that’s enough for us conclude that he is enjoying his marriage. Although, there was a period when fans doubted his sexuality when after he portrayed a gay character in the movie “Graceland”.

Manny Montana married Adelfa Marr a blogger. Speaking with on January 23, 2018, he disclosed that everything has happened so fast in their lives and they have achieved a lot within three years of marriage.

Manny Montana also has a son he frequently tweets about on his twitter account but he has never disclosed his name. Every other thing about his personal life is private just like the whereabouts of his parents.

4. His net worth is estimated to be 2 million dollars

Manny has starred in so many movies in a career his family was not sure at first. His uncles and aunts played a heavy role in his upbringing and wanted the best for him. But when he decided to be an actor, they felt he was throwing away a B.A degree in Journalism and Broadcasting under the bus of Hollywood.

He said “At first my family didn’t know what to make of my career choice. They were always supportive but would always say things like, ‘Make sure you have a side job or make sure you have a backup plan.’ As the years progressed that slowly changed to, ‘oh OK, keep it up maybe one day you’ll get a break.’ Now if you ask anyone in my family what I do for a living the answer is a simple, ‘he’s an actor.’ And that is something I’m extremely proud of.” His family is also proud of him. Who wouldn’t be proud of a relative with a net worth of $2 million dollars?

5. He has many film credits to his name

When Manny left his intern job at a DJ at Power 100.3, he headed straight into acting and made his debut in the television “ER”, in 2008. He showcased a great acting talent that opened doors for him to star in many films and TV projects.

He portrayed the character Johnny Turturro in the series “Graceland” from 2013 to 2015. He has appeared in the following films “Grimm”, “The following”, “Miles from Tomorrowland”  and “Good Girls”.

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