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Alessandra Torresani

Alessandra Torresani, also known as Alessandra Toreson is a Big Bang actress who has been in the industry for more than half of her lifetime. But since she was born less than one and a half decades before the end of the millennium, there is a temptation to sniff at this fact. But not after reading this.

Here are all the important facts you should know about the star.

Alessandra Torresani was born in California

Alessandra Torresani was born in May 1987 in Palo Alto, California as Alessandra Olivia Toreson. She was born to a middle-class family, the kind of family where father and mother have high-paying jobs and kids attend singing and dancing classes. And Alessandra attended singing, dancing, and Taekwondo classes.

At eight, her career in show business germinated as she became an interviewer between cartoon programs. Alessandra Torresani is 32 years old.

The Star’s career began in 1996

Alessandra Torresani’s first moving pictures career started on the set of “KaBlam”, a comedy series on Nickelodeon. She had only one episodic appearance but it was enough to open the floodgate for the many acts to come. It must, however, be pointed out that Torresani’s career didn’t quite become as big as her childhood promised. She has an impressive list of acting but there are far too few lead roles and zero main cast appearance in any TV show.

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The biggest of her appearances came in Caprica the science-fiction drama on SyFy in which she featured in sixteen episodes. Then there was “The Big Bang Theory” the American sitcom on CBS. She played a recurring role in season nine then make guest appearances in the tenth season. Alessandra Torresani has a small appearance in DC Comics “Lucifer” in 2016.

Her movies are countable even if not in one hand. She was part of the horror film “Playback” (2002), the psychological thriller “The Moment” (2013) and the dance comedy film “Step Sisters” (2018).

She was in Husbands

Husbands. Remember the drama that was streamed online on Youtube, Robu, and others? That one. The series is centered around the life of a male same-sex couple who got married at the spur of an excitable night. The series ran for three seasons of 20 episodes. Season one premiered in 20011 and ran for eleven episodes. Season two was super short at just three episodes (2012), while the last season (so far) ran in 2013 (six episodes).

While the series didn’t shake the world, it got critical acclaim as an import work of new media. And the series got so many indie, streamy and web-based nominations and took home a few. Torresani’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed as she got nominated by Streamy Awards for Best Female Performance: Comedy for her role as one of the newly-wedded crazy couple’s best friend.

Alessandra Torresani is single

Alessandra Torresani is not yet married. This is not to say that she is without a man in her life just that he hasn’t put a ring on it. In 2011, the star was rumored to be dating Rob Kardashian (don’t laugh). Of course, the relationship didn’t lead to anywhere.

In 2015, Alessandra began to date the musician, Sturgis Adams. The couples made a couple of public appearances together but didn’t even confirm their dating status until 2016 when she shared a photo on Instagram together with Adams who was clad in a flower-breasted suit. The smile told the story of a couple in love but many fans so a couple who just wedded. Alessandra wasn’t dressed in anything that gave a semblance of a wedding gown. She may have accompanied her man to a wedding where he was the best man.

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Ms. Toreson has continued to share loved-up pictures with her man on the internet. Are they really married? They won’t say. Our gut feeling is that the couple is yet to exchange the vow. Believe this, we urge you. At your own peril.

Alessandra Torresani is not broke

You must have met tons of broke asses in your life, you must have been close to them, breathed their sweat and heard them cuss and complain. Thankfully, Torresani has never met you before. She is worth an approximate one million dollars, give or take a few hundred. Not a bad income for an actress who is yet to break the ceiling in her chosen career. She is 32 which is both good news and bad news. There is still time and to some, she is beginning to pass it.

Only time will tell.

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