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Eric Winter

With Game of Thrones over, Winter is coming is no longer a battle cry or a call for regional allegiance. Now Winter is coming can mean there is a new film and Eric Winter is starring. The name Eric Winter strikes a bell. If it doesn’t then that is because you haven’t seen any of The Mentalist, The Rookie, and The Ugly Truth. You have missed a lot without missing too much. Here are quick facts about the star.

Birth and early life in California.

Eric Winter was born in La Miranda, California. His life goal was to become a medical doctor. Two things played decisive roles in his career. One, Eric is handsome with teasing eyes and over six feet tall. Two, he was broke. So to pay for college (he studied Psychology at the University of California in Los Angelos), he turned to his look and became a model.

While still in College, Eric caught the proverbial bug and decided that he was called to be a show person and not a medical doctor.

How old is Eric Winter

Eric was born Eric Barret Winter in July 1976. He is 43 years old. He has been in Hollywood since as a teenager in 1999. His first appearance was on TV in which he played a small role in just one episode.

He went on to play one or two episodic roles in TVs up to 2004 when he made his movie debut in “Back When We Were Grownups”, a television film from the novel of the same title by Anne Tyler. Besides acting, Eric Winter is a model and author.


As a model, Eric Winter attained a height which many models will only reach in dreamland. He modeled for some high profile companies including Tommy Hilfinger and appeared in highly rated commercials, at one time with the blonde music star Britney Spears.

Besides and modeling, Winter has published a book and can be called an author. It is a children’s book, “Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha” co-written with his second wife in 2017. He is still an author. There is no title of co-author.

On the movie aspect, Eric Winter played what turned out to be his most iconic role. He was the FBI agent and former NFL player Craig O’Laughlin who seduced his way into marrying and planting himself in the opposing camp.

He played an orthopedic surgeon in the 2009 romantic comedy “The Ugly Truth”. Eric Winter currently plays Tim Bradford, a hardball cop trainer in ABC’s comedy crime drama on ABC.

How much have these career paths made him? We are not sure. However, looking at his list of modeling gigs and screen appearances, we estimate Eric Winter to be worth 800 thousand dollars.

Eric Winter’s relationships

Eric Winter is a married man. He is married to Roselyn Sanchez. Sanchez is a Puerto Rican package. Package is the handy word to describe a woman who is a singer, a songwriter, a model, an actress, a movie writer, and producer. Sanchez first burst into fame when she won Miss American Petite, in 1994. If you have seen Rush Hour 2, you already know her. She played the role of Agent Isabella Molina.

Eric and Sanchez got married in 2008. Before this, Eric was married to Allison Ford. Ford is an actress and was married to Mr. Winter for four years between 2001 and 2005. The union between Ford and Winter is without a child.

Not the same with his second marriage as Winter and Sanchez are blessed with two children. They got married in 2008 and only welcomed their first child, a daughter, four years later in 2012. For their second child, a son, they waited another five years.

Quick Facts on Eric Winter

He is a producer. He produced an obscured short film called “Dead End” in 2015. The film’s title turned out to be prophetic as Eric hasn’t ventured in that again.

Eric is a voice actor. He was in the video game “Beyond: Two Souls” from 2013.

Eric Winter wedded Roselyn Sanchez in the historic San Juan fort in his bride’s Puerto Rico. The ceremony took place in November 2008 which was more than ten months after the two got engaged in New Year’s Day.

Eric’s kids are named Sebella Rose Winter and Dylan Gabriel Winter.

Eric Winter’s middle name is derived from an Old English name meaning “quarrelsome”. Huh?

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