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Maggie Wheeler

Sure, there are plenty of films and television series that Maggie Wheeler has appeared since she made her acting debut. But when the camera layers are down she becomes a completely different Maggie Wheeler. So the question should be, do you know the actress beyond her films and voice acting credits? Whatever the case may be, here is every detail about Maggie Wheeler.

Maggie Wheeler: Age and early life

Maggie Wheeler is the daughter of John Jakobson, who worked on Wall Street as one of the youngest members of the New York Stock Exchange in his prime. Maggie’s mother, Barbara peddles word for a living.  There is information about her siblings.

Maggie was raised in a non-too conventional Jewish home.  As a child, she once spent some time at a summer camp in Vermont where she developed an affinity towards music; gospel music and African music particularly.

Her love for music transcended into acting and she became interested in the show business. Maggie Wheeler attended The Calhoun School in New York City after which she launched her career as an actress.

She was born on August 7, 1961, in Manhattan New York. She is 58 years old.

Maggie Wheeler: Career

Maggie Wheeler started her acting career in 1982 when she appeared as a nurse in the sex comedy film “Soup for One”. The film was a box office failure following reviews hinged on it sex scenes particularly the Bondage Discipline Sadism and Masochism which many consider very offensive. She appeared in two more films including the comedy film “Someone to Love” before she made her first television appearance in 1984.

Maggie appeared in eight episodes of the NBC sketch comedy series “The New Show” , the show is similar to Saturday Night Live (SNL) and it only ran for one season. All these appearances did not launch her to that stardom she wanted until she decided to approach the show business differently –through voice acting credits.

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In 1986, she offered her voice on the animated television series “SilverHawks.” Maggie voiced all the female voices, including the villainess Melodia and the heroine Steelheart and Emily Hart. Her voice acting credits proved to be what she needed to have her breakthrough in the entertainment world.

She appeared in an episode of NBC legal drama “L.A Law” as Paula Lights. As her career advanced, it was easier for her to get more roles. She appeared as Suzanne in the short film “Sexual Healing”. Maggie also landed roles in the films “Dr Dolittle III” and “The Parent Trap”

Maggie Wheeler auditioned for the role of Monica Geller on NBC television sitcom “Friends” but she the producers preferred her in another role as she was invited to portray the character of Janice Goralnik, a recurring character who was a frequent love interest of main character Chandler Bing. She appeared in 19 episodes of the series. Despite the heavy promotion of the series, it received mixed reviews, perhaps the dilemma of viewers in play.

Maggie Wheeler landed another career landmark role in the ABC sitcom “Ellen” as Anita Warrell, Ellen’s friend. The series centered on Ellen dealing with her quirky friends, her family, and the problems of daily life. Maggie also appeared on the WB Network comedy-drama series “Jack & Jill” as Kristen Moss. She also played the role of Margaret on CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”.

Maggie returned to playing voice roles, a path that launched her to fame. She has voice acting credits on adult animated sitcom “Archer” on FX Network. Maggie has also appeared in the comedy-drama series “Californication” as Ophelia Robbins. In 2018, she played a voice role in “The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants”.

All her contributions in the show business have not gone unnoticed as she has been awarded Jury Prize for the category Best Ensemble for the movie “Holiday Hostage”.


Maggie Wheeler has two daughters Juno Wheeler and Gemma Wheeler. Juno was born in 1994 while Gemma was born in 1999. She married Daniel Borden Wheeler in 1990. According to various reports, the marriage has remained a rock. Daniel Borden is from Ohio. He is a well-known artist, sculptor, and photographer. He is flourishing in his chosen career in Los Angeles.

Before she met and married Wheeler, she dated David Duchovny whom she met on set in the film “New Year’s Day”. David Duchovny is an actor, writer, producer, director, novelist, and singer-songwriter.

Maggie Wheeler: Net worth

Not the kind of amount you will attach to a person of her caliber in the acting industry but there are many who can’t compete with her financially and who have had a large pool of credits and that’s a fact.  Maggie Wheeler has a net worth of 2.5 million dollars. A figure that may round up to 3 million dollars or even more before she drops her acting gloves.

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