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It’s a fact as certain as death and taxes that talent is not enough to shine in the show business. You need good fortunes, in addition to good fortunes you need to be always ready to grab your opportunity when it’s beckoning on your door. This is not an inspirational class. Emily Procter has been a screen delight since she made her acting debut and here’s a look back to her acting career, including details about her personal life.

Emily Procter: Age and Early Life

Emily Procter was born on October 8, 1968. Life happened to her very early and she was adopted by a general practitioner named William Procter and his wife Barbara Jones, a volunteer worker. She has an older brother named Whit, who was adopted alongside with her. Emily was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Procter attended Ravenscroft School in Raleigh. She obtained a B.A in journalism and dance at East Carolina University and was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She worked briefly as a weather reporter at WNCT-TV in Greenville, North Carolina during her undergraduate days.

Emily later moved to Los Angeles to attend an acting school. Her father was supportive of her career choice as he paid for her acting classes for two years before Emily started appearing in some minor roles on TV and earning money on her own.

She is 50 years old.

Emily Procter: Career

Emily Procter made her acting debut in 1992 on Fox television series “Great Scott!” as a Dreamgirl. A year later she appeared in a drama series “Gloria Vane” as Peggy. Emily played the role of Brenda in the series “Renegade”. In the acting industry, sometimes, it takes more than five appearances in films and series for an actor to land their breakout role, sometimes it takes even longer.

For Emily, fortune smiled on her after she appeared in the films “Leaving Las Vegas” as Debbie and one of Tom Cruise’s ex-girlfriends in the romantic comedy film “Jerry Maguire”. She quickly landed the role of Annabel on NBC television sitcom “Friends” appearing alongside Jennifer Aniston. The series received positive reviews and was nominated for 62 Primetime Awards.

Emily is also a rock in the film category as she appeared as Julie Rubins in the comedy film “Family Plan”. The political drama series “The West Wing” confirmed her place in the acting industry as she made her name in 12 episodes of the series on NBC as Associate White House Counsel Ainsley Hayes.

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Emily Procter landed a main role on CBS police procedural drama television series “CSI: Miami” as Calleigh Duquesne, a veteran MDPD Detective and the longest-serving member of the crime lab whose specialty is in the area of ballistics. As the series progresses, she developed a romantic relationship with fellow CSI Eric Delko. Emily went MIA in television series for a while but appeared as Helen in the film “Love Everlasting” in 2016.

Aside from her acting career, she uses her voice to advocate for good healthcare for Autism patients. She is also involved with different foundations like Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Rising Stars Outreach, and The Humane Society.

She is also an interior decorator, her Spanish-styled home in Los Angeles bears witness to her craft. Emily loves sports too. She participated in the Malibu and Hermosa triathlons and has served as an ambassador for the Nike 26.2 Marathon with most of the proceeds from these marathons channeled to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

In Poker, she is very good and has even participated in a celebrity poker tournament. She has also modeled for the jewelry brand Charriol. Emily served as a judge on a 2008 episode of the HGTV competition series Summer Showdown. She also served as the keynote speaker at the Spring 2019 commencement at her alma mater, East Carolina University.

Net Worth

Most at times, it’s not all about the number of movies an actor has starred in, sometimes quality can work wonders in their financial status. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with any of these things but with one’s thriftiness in spending. Other times, looming financial responsibilities encroach into an actor’s financial worth.

Enough of the rants from here, Emily Procter is worth 14 million dollars. Her last acting project was in 2016 in the film “Love Everlasting”. Perhaps she earns decent amounts as an interior decorator or the law of reciprocality is working for her as she frequently gives indigent people around her.

Emily Procter: Is she married?

Emily Procter is not married but she is not available for the dating life you might have assumed/wished. She has been in a relationship with musician Paul Bryan since 2008. On December 8, 2011, they welcomed their daughter Philippa Frances, nicknamed Pippa.

There are reports that they don’t intend to marry, just remain in the union and loving themselves and doing the best for their child. Protector is an animal lover.

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