Love is War Is A Fine Movie Marred by Plot Inconsistency

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love is war

Love is war and couples end up on the floor, couch, bed with every touch and kiss announcing a raw intensity – breathing comes fast, heart rates faster as every thrust makes the body writhe. However, for Hankuri (Yuri) Philips played by Omoni Oboli and Demeji Philips portrayed by Richard Mofe-Damijo, it was a love that led to the polling unit as they battle for Ondo gubernatorial power. Other casts include Jide Kosoko, Akin Lewis, Bimbo Manuel, controversial On-Air Personality Toke Makinwa, Shaffy Bello, and Femi Branch.

I had high hopes of a good watch due to the cast and to sum it up, I woke up late at night to see the movie, by the time the whole thing was over, with the credits rolling, I slipped under my blanket thinking I could catch some sleep until my alarm beeped and I realized I should have used the night well. “Love is war” is a great movie but its not a movie I would want to see twice.

Love is War: Fine Writing that falls flat at some point

Love is war has a simple story. Hankuri Philips a one time  Minister of Women Affairs in the Federal Republic of Nigeria who voluntarily resigned from her position in order to become a full-time politician as the President recommended her as the best candidate to lead the people of Ondo. However, she was faced with a State of origin crisis as she was not Ondo’s daughter by birth but marriage. This raised so many eyebrows that even her own daughter became unsure how her mother who hardly visits Ondo, could barely speak Yoruba, yet nursing a dream to be the first female Governor in Nigeria.

After reneging on the promise she made to the Party’s chairman to take his nephew as her running mate, she got the Party’s ticket through federal might and the power of the incumbent Governor. Ousted as the Party chairman, Jide Kosoko decamped to a rival party and convinced Demeji Philips played by Richard Mofe-Damijo, a successful medical practitioner to run against his wife. Demeji’s political CV was even boosted because his grandfather and his father made so much impact in the State and the people of Ondo would want the ‘legacy to continue’ (the slogan of their party)

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The couple decided to run against each other, agreeing to play the good cop and the bad cop without coming for each other’s throats. At least, that was the initial agreement or so it seems until the quest for power started tearing their home from the seams. There were mob attacks, innuendos, political debate where both couples washed their dirty linens in the public, then an attempted murder on the life of Demeji Philips almost ruined the picket fence lifestyle the couple had long enjoyed.

The movie was written by Chinaza Onuzo who was in the writing team of the terrible movie “The Wedding Party”. It is exciting to see that the ghost of that movie has stopped haunting the cast and everyone involved. However, the dialogues grew weaker and weaker as the film progresses. Richard Mofe-Damijo disclosed that shooting was tedious due to the filming of night scenes, could this be a major contributing factor to why there were weak dialogues especially in a movie that flashes torch on feminism and women empowerment?

Rating: I will rate this movie 5/10.



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