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Justin Berfield

Justin Berfield is an actor, producer, and a few other things having a credit or two for directing, writing, and a soundtrack to his name. His acting career began in 1994 when he was less than ten and has now hit a plateau and hovering at what many will call the end of the road for him. You may never see him in a movie again. But he may just be taking a break for a big reentry into the industry. We wait. But at this stage, we look back at the career he has had and the life he lives.

Justin Berfield was born in the hills

Justin Berfield was born Justin Tyler Berfield in Agoura Hills in California in February 1986 to a Jewish family of Gail Berfield (née Stark) and Eric “Rick” Berfield as the second son, second to Lorne Berfield himself an actor of considerable repute who once acted as the younger brother to Justin his real-life younger brother by more than four years, a curious move but which can be explained with the fact that Justin is the more successful of the two as Justin began acting at the age of five a career which came to dominate his childhood and provide a bad excuse as to why his educational endeavors are unknown to the public.

The above is that kind of a paragraph without a single period till the end. Catch your breath, Justin Berfield is 33 years old.

Justin Berfield is a record-breaker in Hollywood

Justin Berfield began acting aged five as part of some of the commercials Folgers Coffee ran in the 1990s. His first professional Hollywood credit came in 1994 in the series “The Good Life” on NBC as one of the main characters. Even adult debutants mostly begin with one or two episodic roles but not this one. He featured in all 13 episodes of the series.

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The next year and up until 1999, Justin was part of the sitcom on WB “Unhappily Ever After” which ran for a 100 episodes on the dot. Just featured in all of them. In 2000, aged 14, he began his most prominent role in Hollywood. He played the character of Reese, the brother to the title character of the show, Malcolm, a genius with a photographic mind and all those sorts of things. The series ran for seven seasons and 151 episodes. Berfield appeared in all the episodes. In 2004, now 18, Justin hit 100 episodes in the series thereby becoming the youngest person to play three figures episodes in two series.

The film aspect of his career isn’t as big as his TV version. In fact, he only has three films to his name, two as a producer and one as a caption writer.

Is Berfield gay?

This is a question only Justin himself can answer. And even his answer may be political, cryptic, and incomplete. So whatever we say here is what it is, speculations. First, the origin of this rumor comes from that lazy place fans cook up rumors after they are unable to link actors with partners of the opposite sex – to them, it has to be homosexuality. In the case of Berfield, he has been linked with women now and again, but because he has never confirmed anyone to be his lover it has to be a gay situation.

The counter questions to the makers of this rumors are not much. 1, Has he confirmed any woman as his lover? 2, Is it illegal to profess love publicly to a woman in America? 3, Are there not heterosexual people who choose to keep their relationship secret? Is it illegal to be unmarried at 33 or at any age?

Then what is the fuss about?

Where is Justin Berfield now?

Probably in his house eating steak or chicken breast or in some beach fishing for fun. In 2010, Justin Berfield announced that he has become the Creative Officer of Virgin Produced, a film and television development, packaging, and production company whatever that means. Virgin Produced is a subsidiary of the British Virgin Group. As there is no other announcement, we believe Mr. Berfield is still with them. And his verified Instagram handle has a reference to the company. He is still with them and as they are headquartered in Los Angeles, this should be where he is.

In early 2006, it was reported that he bought the house that was made famous in the hit reality series “Newlyweds” which starred Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey and aired on MTV. The house, located in Calabasas, California, was reportedly priced at $3.75 million; we have no clue how much Berfield bought it. This could be where he is.

A quiet person, Justin has said in one of his quotes: “On the set, I’m really quiet. Instead of chatting it up between takes I’m always watching and listening. The wheels are spinning in my head all the time.” Berfield is wherever the wheels are spinning right now.

The company has gone on to make more than a dozen movies including the coming-of-age comedic drama “The Edge of Seventeen” from 2016. Shot with a budget of nine million dollars, the film performed better in the box office where it makes more than 18 million dollars.

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It is rather curious that Berfield is the Creative Officer and oversaw the company make double digits movies without him being credited for any role despite being an actor, producer, and occasional director and writer. Only he can tell the kind of arrangement they have in the company. As the company is based in Los Angeles that is where Berfield is.

One can also argue that Berfield is now a fisherman as his social media posts are full of fishes or fish whichever grammar is correct. Go follow him to see what we mean.

He has an impressive net worth

Justin Berfield has more than an impressive net worth. CelebrityNetworth put his net worth at ten million dollars. Ten million dollars. It sounds rather far-fetched that a man who last appeared on screen in 2012, who despite his big roles as a boy that was about twenty years ago and he might not have been paid a fortune each. But ten million dollars is what they say he owns and it might just be the true. Shocker alert: He might be worth even more.

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