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When you are described as someone’s husband, except the person is the Queen of England, you are not such a big deal yourself. Lee Kirk shouldn’t be so bad in himself. Who is he? What is he up to? We dug and here is what we have.

1. He got married to Jenna Fischer in 2010

You already know that? But there are many who don’t know who Jenna Fischer is and who know Lee Kirk on his own right. You can skip this fact or stay to meet Jenna Fischer. Fischer is an actress with more than twenty years in Hollywood and is most known for her role of Pam Beesly, the shy but artistic lady who rose from being a receptionist to an administrator in NBC’s remaking of British sitcom (of the same title) “The Office” (2005 to 2013). Fischer got a Primetime Emmy nomination for her brilliant portrayal.

Before Jenna got “The Office” role, she was struggling in the backwaters of Hollywood fame. She was acting B-movies or been the hostess in a hotel or a passing character in films. Then, in 2004, she did something different, add extreme. She wrote, starred and directed “Lollilove” a satire of Southern California snobbery. The film was made with a budget of 1,500 dollars, we have to add.

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The film was well-received and Jenna got a Screen Actors Guide Award for Emerging Actor. Fischer’s acting career took a giant leap. But there was something she never did again, she never came near the director’s seat again. Once burnt, two flight tickets.

Other Jenna Fischer appearances include appearing in Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” as Katherine Wight, a name she shares with the sister of the Wright brothers who invented the airplane. She was also in Sky/ABC’s comic drama series “You, Me and the Apocalypse”.  On the movie part, she has appeared in “The 15:17 to Paris”, and “The Giant Mechanical Man” directed by a certain Lee Kirk etc.

Lee Kirk is not Jenna’s first husband. She was previously married to James Gunn whom she met when she first moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career on screen and who helped her make “Lollilove”. The marriage lasted two years.

2. Lee Kirk is not a rich man

He works in Hollywood as a writer, director, producer, and actor. He has two figure credits for these. He is not a name that shakes tables in Hollywood but he does many things and has been around for more than fifteen years now. Yet his net worth is a meager 250,000.

Here it is against our policy to refer to anyone as poor and this is not because of some grand virtue. It is because we have account balances ourselves and it is not laden with zeros. We are humble. But we are also truthful, 250K is a poor return for a Hollywood star. Many earn more than this for each episode they feature in. Why talk about many when we can look to people we already know. Jenna Fischer is worth 15 million dollars.

Ms. Fiscer is 60 times richer than Lee Kirk. Perhaps that is why many refer to him as Jenna Fischer’s husband.

We do not want to pop nose in their family matters, but we have heard whispers on this internet that Kirk is such an amazing husband, making out time to be with his precious wife despite his tight schedules and all. We laud him for this and we refuse to heed to the fact that many will look at their respective income sheets and say why not?

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We do not pay heed to them and we know that a good man is a good man and money is not the true reflection of greatness. We are just blogging.

3. Lee Kirk was part of The Office

Kirk Lee directed TV series “The Office”. You wish. Big productions don’t work like that. “The Office” had numerous executive producers and countless producers. It also has an impressive list of directors. A director is a director whether you directed one episode or not, you are part of the elevated directors’ cadre of the crew. This is not us saying that Lee Kirk only directed one episode of the  201 episodes of “The Office” which are spread in nine seasons and eight years.

We didn’t say that but if we are to guess, he didn’t direct a lot of them.

Kirk also made an appearance in season six of the show as a Lactation Specialist or something. The hustle is real.

Image source: New York Daily News

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