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Danielle Nicolet

This should be fun. Danielle Nicolet is the actor whose fame is largely cemented by her appearance on TV One’s Born Again Virgin. There are tens of TV series, films, and video games to add coal to the pyre of what many will describe as a successful career with various accentuation of asterisks. Here are the bio and details, all facts, cold facts even, about Ms. Nicolet.

This should be fun.

Danielle Nicolet – birthplace and age

Danielle Nicolet was born Danielle Patricia Diggs by a woman named Patricia Rose and her husband Richard Diggs on November 24, 1973. She was in Ashtabula, a small city in Ohio with around 18 thousand people living in it and which is famous for the combination of its notable births, from an Emmy Award-winning actor to a Major League Baseball star to a Titanic survivor.

Danielle didn’t live in Ashtabula long as her family moved to Southern California where she trained in gymnastics, combining this with her education. When she was done with the training, Ms. Nicolet didn’t pursue a career as a gymnast, admitting that acting was always her dream. According to Puzzups, injuring her knee was the cause of her change of course. Her dream to be an actor may not be unconnected with living in California and breathing the same statewide air as stars in Hollywood.

Danielle Nicolet is a person of color as her father is African American and her mother is Italian. The star is forty-five years and will be forty-six towards the end of the year (2019).

Danielle Nicolet – career

Danielle Nicolet’s career began in 1991. She was in one of the most iconic series of the era “Family Matters” the sitcom on ABC resolving around a middle-class African American family in Chicago (we have profiled one of their main cast members whose life took a series of weird turns post-Family Matters). She played her role in three episodes.

In the next year, she featured in the comedy and explosive police film “Loaded Weapon 1”. Going forward, Nicolet featured in an average of one film (including television movies) per year. In 2016, she appeared in what can be said to be her biggest movie to date “Central Intelligence” the comedy police action film starring Kevin Hart and Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson with a byline “The world needs a Little Hart and a Big Johnson” (and a beautiful Nicolet we must add). The film made 217 million dollars in the box office off a budget of less than a quarter of this.

There were also features in Peter Davy’s modern adaptation of the short novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and Netflix’s crime and comedy film “Deidra & Laney Rob a Train”.

More on her career

The TV is where Danielle made her biggest name. She was in “The Flash” on The CW. Her appearances can be symbolic of her life as an actor. In the first season, she played her role of the city district attorney as a guest star; from seasons two to four, she was a recurring member of the cast; then in the fifth season, she becomes a season regular; she didn’t appear in the sixth. In all, she was in 37 episodes. 

Between 2015 and 2016, Danielle Nicolet starred as the Jenna a writer who in her thirties decided to become a celibate for life. The series was on for two seasons of 22 episodes. She appeared in all. The season was not renewed for a third season and Nicolet had the honor (what else can you call it?) of announcing its discontinuation on Social Media.

“3rd Rock from The Sun” is another name she is associated with. In fact, it is a show in which she played her most extended roles, appearing as a recurring member of the cast in 45 episodes in the sitcom on NBC from 1996 to 2001. She was Caryn, one of the lead character Dick Solomon’s students.

The actress has an impressive number of video games roles. She voiced roles in “Mortal Kombat X”, in “Saints Row” three, four, and five, and “Comic Heroes”. Among others.

Danielle Nicolet’s quick and fun facts

Danielle Nicolet refers to herself as “Occasionally clever actress and doer of other stuff” on the bio of Twitter handle @DaniNicolet.

Danielle is like you. She is afraid of heights. She says: “Ooh, I’m really scared of heights. I’m always afraid to admit that for fear that it will be used against me.”

Danielle Nicolet is married to Mike Kussman who is described as “a builder and designer with SLTWTR Company” by Puzzups. His wife describes him as “a different type of man” – most likely different from the scums she had dated (don’t quote us). There is no information as to when they got married, how long they dated and whether they have kids together.

Before she got married, Danielle was involved in bad relationships, going from one heartbreak to another. It was so bad that she decided, like her character in “Born Again Virgin” to become celibate for life. And even when she met her future husband and entered a relationship with him, she didn’t let him have the cookies until the wedding night.

She featured in three episodes of the series “Undressed” on MTV in 2000. Undressed sounds like your vision of your honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Danielle packs a massive pair of 35 inches breasts. Her body measurement is a near-perfect 35-24-35 inches (or 89-61-89 cm).

Her favorite director is Billy Wilder. You should know him or you shouldn’t, he died in 2002. He was a Polish-born movie maker who fled to the United States when a certain Adolf Hitler came to power. He directed the film “Buddy Buddy” in 1981.

Danielle Nicolet has a brother named Rick Nicolet. He is a producer. You can’t know him. Perhaps we should tell you a little about him. First, do you know the star in the movie “Buddy Buddy”? Then you can’t know this one. Next!

She is not a tall person. She is exactly five feet or 1.52 meters short.

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