Kathy Shower – Five Questions About The Model Answered

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Kathy Shower

Just like most Playboy Magazine stars, Kathy Shower was already in Hollywood before she became a Model. She probably figured the quickest way to get an XG6 Jaguar and 100,000 dollars was to become a Playboy playmate of the year.

Kathy Shower won the playmate for the month twice (1984 and 1985) and playmate for the year in 1986. She is tagged as the oldest Playboy playmate ever to win the award. She continued her career as an actress afterward, featuring in both action adventures and erotic thrillers.

Kathy’s last appearance on screen was in 2009, making her one of the oldest Playboy celebrities with a duration of almost three decades. Kathy’s face might be once upon a time but still fresh like homemade cookies in the memories of her fans. If you don’t know her, here are answers to the five most asked questions about Kathy Shower.

Where is Kathy Shower from?

Kathy often refers to herself as a small-town farm girl. She probably spent most of her early life working on a farm. Kathy Shower, birth name Kathleen Ann Schrauer was born and raised in Brookville in Ohio. There are no records on Kathy’s parents but she mentioned in an interview that she grew up with her sister.

Since she moved to LA, Kathy has been able to make ends meet. She owns properties all over the country and outside the United States. Presently, she often resides between California, and the city of Barcelona, Spain.

Is Kathy Shower still alive?

Kathy has a young body which makes it difficult to guess her age right. If you weren’t told, you wouldn’t know. Her forever-young body won her the playmate of the year at age 33, which has never happened in the history of Playboy. Kathy was born in 1953, she celebrated her 68th birthday on the 8th of March, 2021.

What did Kathy Shower do for a living?

The Playboy magazine does not only pay mouth-watering money but also guarantees fame and recognition until the internet ruined their business model, nowadays you can see curvy beautiful women on the internet. Kathy Shower leveraged the exposure Playboy magazine offered and made a name for herself in the movie industry, with over 40 appearances in both films, TV series, and shows.

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Some of her major appearances in action/adventures are “Commando Squad”  (1987), “The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck” (1988), “American kickboxer 2” (1993), and “Baja Run” (1996). Kathy also featured in erotic thrillers such as “Velvet Dreams”  (1988), “Erotic Boundaries” (1997), and “LA goddess” (1993). If you’re turned on by perfumed baths and hugs, your dreams would know no bounds in the city of Angels. Just like Kathy.

Kathy was the executive producer of two films “Cyber-C.H.I.C.” (1990) and “Love Letters: A Romantic Trilogy”  (2001). She worked for the Tapout Clothing Company, wrote and performed her own songs on several occasions.

Her most recent appearance on the small screen was a single DVD ‘Playboy-type’ project titled “Playmate Model Mom” in 2009, it is described as an exploration of all things sexually erotic and intimately sensual.

Does she have children?

There are no signs of men in Kathy’s life before she became a celebrity, or during her stay in the Playboy mansion. Kathy was already a mother of two girls before her late 20s. Mendy, the oldest, is about 45 years old, and Melony is 42 years old. Their whereabouts and what they do are not made public.

How tall is she?

Unlike runway modeling, Playboy criteria don’t necessarily require height as it was designed to reflect feminine sexuality in its purest form. In other words, it’s all about being sexy and classy. The famous Blondie stands at 5 foot 9 inches (or 1.75m).

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