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Jamie Blackley

Have you ever met someone from the Isle of Man? Of course, you know Isle of Man, the Island off the coast of England as you head towards Ireland. You know, when they say that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, they not only mean England, Scotland, and Wales on the Great Britain side, there is also the Island of Man, a UK dependency, and many other islands, in fact. Back to the question, if you have never met anyone from the Island of Man, here is Jamie Blackley, he is from the Island of Man. He is a Manx-British which is what we call people from the Isle (sorry, it is not Marxist).

Enough of the geography lessons, here are all you need to know about Jamie Blackley.

Jamie Blackley – Age

Jamie Blackley was born in 1991. He was born in July in Douglas the capital and largest city of Isle of Man with less than 30 thousand inhabitants. He was born to Jamie Alexander Blackley to Martin and Marina Blackley, their second child. He has an older sibling named Holly-Anna. As a boy, the whole family moved to England and the boy grew up in London.

Jamie Blackley is 30 years old.

Jamie Blackley – Career

Jamie began acting in 2008, appearing in one episode of “Apparitions” the BBC drama about Roman Catholicism, exorcism, and canonization. In the following year, he was in “Casualty” British medical drama on BBC One (one episode), Doctors” a medical soap also on BBC (one episode), “Misfits” the comedy-drama on E4 (two episodes).

In 2014, Jamie featured in what many consider his most prominent shows, the American movie “If I Say” a teen romantic film adapted from a novel by Gayle Forman. Directed by R.J Curtler, the movie was a box office hit where it took 78.9 million of a budget of 11 million. Jamie starred opposite Chloë Grace Moretz, his on-and-off lover in the show.

The following year, he was in “The Irrational” starring Joaquin Phoenix the award-winning fella who played Joker and Emma Stone.

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In 2017, he was part of the main cast of “The Halcyon” a miniseries on ITV which was made to show life in London during World War II “through the prism of war and the impact it has on families, politics, relationships and work across every social strata.” Most of the show took place in the five-star hotel called the Halcyon. Jamie Blackley played the role of Lord Freddie Hamilton, the owner of the Halcyon and a newly-minted Royal Airforce fighter. There were just eight episodes in the season and Jamie was part of it.

More recently, Jamie Blackley was part of “Traitors” the British mini TV series on Channel 4 and Netflix. Set just after World War II in London, Jamie played the role of an unsuccessful Conservative MP contender who happens to be a closeted homosexual. Jamie’s character was part of the six episodes that made up the show.

Jamie Blackley has also been a part of video games and the theatre.

Relationship, height, net worth

Jamie is not a married man but this is not to be taken that he is single. I have always wondered why anyone can manage to be single in Hollywood or its British equivalence or in any film industry on earth. An industry full of all shades of comely femininities and male awesomeness and you can’t find one person to love. Not Blackley. He is in a relationship with Hermione Corfield whom he met on the set of “The Halcyon”. They started dating in 2016. We might hear something before the end of this year.

Jamie is six feet zero inch tall which is around 183 cm. Jamie’s net worth is unknown. If you Google Jamie Blackley’s net worth you will see 72 million dollars. This amount, when compared with the quantity and quality of his acting credits, is impossible – there is no way Jamie is richer than Jason Statham who became a household name before Jamie learned to spell his name.

This figure is given by a site named Celebtrendingnow.com. We have never heard of the site before now and we are not going to pretend that they are an authority site in matters of this nature and magnitude.

At a generous guess, we can say Jamie is worth around three million dollars.

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