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Cian Barry

Cian Barry is a name that is very unpopular among many movie and TV Show fans. A cloud of mystery covers the very identity of this young man. It is quite tough to land a place in Hollywood if you didn’t have a prior good upbringing, but passion is what makes men pay the price and achieve what they want in Hollywood. In Cian Barry’s case, he gave his all, meaning he gave a 100% of his time and effort to get to where he is now in Hollywood because he comes from a humble beginning.

Cian Barry- Birth, Age and Early Life

Cian Barry is a British actor and performer and he was born to normal working class British parents. He made his way into the American film industry without any known links associates with the industry unlike some star actors that had ‘Godfathers’ in the industry prior to joining it. The TV Series that rose Cian Barry into Stardom is The A List, but he had already appeared in a number of TV Shows and movies prior to The A List, though they were minor roles.

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The details of his birth and age are still not confirmed. We can deduce from his looks in The A List, that he is in his mid or early 30’s. He has been in the industry for more than 17 years now, so he is around the 30 year mark. He has not spoken about his early life and his parents in public before, so very little is known about his early life and upbringing though.

Cian Barry: Movies and TV Shows

He began his acting career with the movie called Man and Boy in 2002, though he later appeared in a short film titled Incomplete in 2006. He is most famous for staring in the movies, Nina Forever (2015), Doctor Foster: A Woman Scorned (2015), Doctor Foster and The A List (2018). At a young age, Cian has found considerable fame in the industry. He famously made his movie debut with the 2002 popular drama, Man and Boy. The drama also featured mainstays, Ioan Gruffudd and Ian McShane and it was a critically successful. That’s where many started seeing potential in Cian. He has had many minor roles, supporting roles and cameos in movies that are either uncredited or overlooked, but as at now, he has a major staring role in Netflix’s TV Show The A List. This TV series was created by Nina Metivier and Dan Berlinka and the series is among the most-sought after Netflix series at present. As at now he is having a very big fan following due to his popularity in the, The A List TV Show. In total, Cian Barry has appeared in 5 full movies, 4 short movies and 12 Television Shows.

Personal Life

The 6’ (1.8cm) is currently single and searching, meaning he is seemingly focused on his acting career.  Many have peeped into his romantic life for a while now, but it seems like he has not yet set his sights on that beautiful girl that he intends to marry yet. Not much is known about his personal life though as he doesn’t have an official Wikipedia Page. However, he has an IMDb page, because he is an actor. IMDb quotes him as having a height of 1.83 metres. IMDb doesn’t say much about his life though but his acting credits are seen there. Details about his weight and other body measurements are not made public, but he has a slim body structure.

Net Worth

According to, as at 2021, Cian Barry is worth a whooping $3 million dollars.

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