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Jason Statham

“Is Jason Statham a real martial artist?” is one of the first questions you will see when you type Jason Statham on Google. Well, according to the website martialtribe.com, he is a martial artist and so good in it that he does his own stunts himself. And as you know must of his films including his most iconic “The Transporter” series and the “Fast and Furious” franchise have a lot of what many would say film tricks. Turns out that a good number of these tricks are not tricks at all. They are his true self.

People also ask about Jason Statham’s height, net worth, and age. We will start with the latter.

Jason Statham Age

Jason Statham was born on 26 July 1967. He was born in the East Midlands of England, in a place called Shirebrook, Derbyshire. He was born into a family near the lower rungs of the social class. His mom was a dancer while his dad, Barry Statham, a street seller. Growing up, Jason had two passions. The first was for soccer which he played in high school (he is friends with Vinnie Jones who went on to become a professional football and played for a series of clubs including Leeds United and Chelsea).

Jason Statham’s second passion was diving. He practiced his techniques daily so hard that he became a part of Britain’s National Swimming Squad for a dozen years. He went on to represent England in the Commonwealth Games in Henderson, New Zealand, in 1992. There is no record of his neck being full of medals, but he was there. He has done something many (even you) would only dream of, medals or not.

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From being a sportsman, Jason Statham went on to become a sports model. He modeled for big names such as Tommy Hilfiger and Levis. As a model who was reputed for being the normal guy in the clothes he modeled, he began to appear in music videos where people want normal guys and not the fakes that were infested all over the places in the British Isle in the 1990s.

It was while modeling that Jason met the famous British filmmaker Guy Ritchie. The rest, as they say (and we agree), is history. Jason Statham is 52 years old.

Jason Statham – Height

Jason Statham is no Dwayne Johnson – he is not 6 feet 4 inches tall. But he is equally a fearsome figure in movies or as the Guardian puts it, “touch and uncompromising”. In the “Fast and Furious” spinoff “Shaw and Hobbs”, the character of Hobbs played by The Rock said this of Statham: “That’s it. You just reminded me. That’s exactly why I hate working with you. It’s your voice. It’s your nasally, prepubescent, Harry Potter voice. Every time you speak, just imagine this for a second, it’s like dragging my balls across shattered glass. And it hurts.”

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We do not believe The Rock but he is not entirely wrong. When we watch Jason, it is not his voice but he does it, his character drags balls of the bad guys across shattered glass. And it entertains. For someone who embodies so much toughness in movies, Jason Statham is not a physically big man. He stands at 1.78 meters or a little above 5 feet 8 inches. When you see Statham and The Rock stand toe to toe, you will hardly believe that there is nearly three-quarters of an inch between – such is the power of Statham Jason.

Net worth

Jason Statham is usually seen in the same mold as legends in the thriller genre such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Van Damme is worth a whopping 30 million dollars and he is the poorest of the trio. Sylvester Stallone, on his part, is worth four hundred million dollars. Arnold Schwarzenegger not only made money, he became so popular that he became the governor of the largest state in the US. California is a staunch democrat state and such was his popularity that Schwarzenegger won the governor’s seat as a Republican. And he has 400 million dollars on the side.

With the men before him nearly reaching the half a billion dollars threshold, whatever Jason makes will hardly be a record-setter in his genre. Jason Statham is worth 70 million dollars.

Image source: Business Insider

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