Eva Bourne – Here Is The Family, Career And Relationship Of The Star Who Is Also Eva Allan

Eva Bourne is also known as Eva Allan

Daring may be the only right word that can describe the trajectory Eva Bourne took from the beginning of her career to her rise to, not exactly the top of the entertainment industry, but somewhere many just starting would look up to with relish. Eva Bourne who is known professionally as Eva Allan is the actress you most likely know for starring as Princess Eva on ABC’s “Once Upon A time”. Here is everything we know about her.


Although Eva Bourne hasn’t given out the names of either of her parents, she has maintained that her family has been very supportive of her moves and decisions.

Eva Bourne celebrates her birthday every 17th of November and her exact year of birth is still a mystery as she is yet to reveal her year of birth. It is however believed that she is still in her 20’s.

Eva Bourne was born in the rural area of Creston, British Columbia, Canada where her ever supporting parents also raised her through most of her childhood stages. According to her, her time growing up in Creston was very humbling because she had difficulty connecting with the people living in that particular geographic location and she is very happy to have pulled through it.

In an attempt to get away from the gloom surrounding her childhood days, she spent most of her time being involved in school plays. Despite being passionate about acting in high school and having acted in lots of drama, Eva Bourne however felt that there was much discrimination going on in the movie industry and she won’t be able to make the cut. She stopped acting.

Movies and TV shows

After her High School in Creston, British Columbia, she moved to Cranbrook also in British Columbia, Canada to further her education by becoming a dental assistant. In the course of her studies, she discovered that her passion was acting and never being a dental assistant and this is where the word that most describes her came in, she daringly dropped out of her studies and moved to Vancouver.

While we can praise her for taking such a bold step, she was inspired by someone. She had stumbled into a Woody Allen Trailer production and decided to give acting a shot again. so she left her studies and became an actor.

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Eva Bourne’s first appearance on screen came shortly after she moved to Vancouver. She starred for her first role on US Network’s “Psych” series in 2009, a series in which she played the role of a character named Mary. This led to other roles that she bagged starring in television series and shows until she got a major role in the Hub’s Network ‘Haunting Hour’ acting as Hannah.

Produced by Dan Angel and directed by R. L Stine, Haunting Hour is a horror, science fiction, and dark fantasy series with 76 episodes across 4 seasons. Every episode in the movie had different casts of scary situations that would likely involve ghosts, witches, aliens and zombies.

The movie won the CINE Golden Eagle Award for high-quality production and storytelling.

Eva Bourne has not gone unrecognized in the entertainment industry as she was nominated at the Vancouver Badass Film Festival as Best Supporting Actress in 2019.

She has also shared acting roles with notable actors and actresses such as Owen Wilson, Steve Marting, Juliette Binoche, Rosamund Pike, and many others.

Relationship, height, and net worth

Eva Bourne is currently single. No information about her relationship is given right now and it is assumed that she is single as she has never talked about her relationship. It is possible that she is giving all her time and dedication to chasing her career and making the most of it without the prying eyes of the public. It is surprising to her fans that the gorgeous 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 m) tall fitness freak actress is not in any serious relationship (none that we know of).

However, her favorite companions remain her three cats that frequently grace her timelines on social media. The three cats are named – Shmoop, Hobbes, and Calvin.

Eva Bourne is reportedly worth an estimate somewhere between 500 thousand to 1 million dollars.

Image source: Twitter