Shola Adewusi – Age, Origin, Career, Everything You Need To know

Shola Adewusi

Not so many people can manage to fuse many professions into a single successful career like Shola Adewusi. Shola Adewusi is a writer, singer, actor a practicing law tutor, and drama teacher. Not so many movie stars have such profiles and we will be exposing more detailed information about her life, career, and eventual rise to the top.

Here is everything we know about her.

Shola Adewusi’s age and origin

Shola Adewusi is a British actress born on the 3rd day of May 1963. 

Shola Adewusi has a Nigerian root from the Yoruba people of Southern Nigeria. She is a British citizen. Her parents were immigrants who came into Great Britain and ended up as citizens. In fact, it is possible that they never had to be granted citizenship. Nigeria got her independence in 1960 which means that if her parents were in England before October 1st, 1960, they were British citizens even before setting foot into the country.

Shola was born and raised in Little Waltham, Essex, London. It wasn’t however one long stretch of living in the United Kingdom as she did have part of her childhood moments in Nigeria too.

Shola Adewusi is 58 years old.

Movies, TV shows, and other career details

The Nigeria-British actress, singer and writer first studied law at De Montfort University London. Due to her flair for acting, she furthered her education by training at the Academy Drama School in London. She is currently a practicing law lecturer and combines that with teaching drama to senior citizens at the Peabody Bruce House Learning Centre in London.

For her musical career, Shola Adewusi sings and writes contemporary and traditional jazz music. She performs Jazz under the stage name, ‘Misty Lee-Brown’. That she is into traditional and contemporary jazz songs isn’t quite surprising given her background from the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria known mostly for their afrobeat, jazz and juju music. It is right to say that she was influenced by the legendary Jazz legend, Fela Kuti, who she must have listened to while growing up.

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Shola Adewusi has featured in so many movies and television shows. She is popularly known for her television shows, “Chewing Gum”, “Little Miss Jocelyn” aA BBC comedy show series written by Jocelyn, a Nigeria-British comedian and actress), “The Bill”, “Family Affairs”, “Bad Girls” and many other television credits to her name.

She stars as Auntie Olu in CBS’ “Bob Hearts Abishola” television series.

She also has film credits to her name, starring in films such as “Christopher Robin”, “Miss You Already”, “A Long Way Down and many other film credits.

She is a staff member at the Intermission Youth Theatre where she played a part in their hit play ‘Verona Road.’
Shola Adewusi also worked for BBC World Service taking part in a number of radio productions.

She had her own stage work, CRAZYBLACKMUTHAFXXKINSELF, that she performed at the Royal Court Theatre.

As at the moment, Shola Adewusi divides her time staying in Los Angeles, California, United States and London.

Relationship and motherhood

We know nothing about her relationship. She has kept these things close to her chest and it is hard to break into it and get details. We do know that she has a child. We have no clue who the baby daddy is or if she has adopted the baby. She’s a mother – that’s all there is to it.

If Shola is currently dating, we do no know about it. We would know when she wants us to know or we would never know – that’s the Shola way.

Wat is Shola Adewusi’s net worth?

Shola Adewusi is one of the few millionaire black actresses in the entertainment industry.

She is worth an estimate that is between one and five million. If this doesn’t seem big, here’s a way to understand it better. We converted the money into her ancestral Nigerian currency naira and it came out as 450,000,000. The zeros got you confused? Don’t get a toothpick. It is 450 million naira. If you choose to go with the highest figure associated with her name, it is two billion.

Shola Adewusi is a well-built woman standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 m). She weighs 72 kg which is approximately 158.7 lbs.

Image source: IMDb