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Ki Hong Lee

Ki Hong Lee is an actor you must have known from his appearance on The Maze Runner film series and The Nine Lives of Chloe King show. His entry into the industry was in 2010 and has seen sizeable leaps. Here are all the facts you need to know about the star who was born in South Korea and grew up in New Zealand and California.

Ki Hong Lee – Age

Ki Hong Lee was born in September 1986 in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. His name is sometimes given as Lee Ki-Hong. Lee didn’t grow up in the Korean peninsula. When he was just a few days old, his family moved to Auckland in New Zealand. But even this was not his permanent home. At eight, the family moved to Los Angeles, California.

We do not know much about his parents and siblings beyond the fact that they live in the New Tokyo part of Los Angeles where they run a restaurant. Lee attended the University of California, Berkeley where he bagged a degree from psychology.

Ki Hong Lee is 33 years old.

Ki Hong Lee – movies

According to Ki Hong Lee, he became interested in motion pictures to the point of desiring to become a part of the industry due to seeing Aaron Loo act. Aaron Loo is a Korean American just like Lee. He was born in 1979in Dallas, Texas and grew up in New Jersey. He began his career in 2003 and went on to appear in the 2009 edition of “Friday the 13th” film series, the heist drama “21” (2008) and the spy thriller “Disturbia” from 2007. In fact, it is said this was the film where Lee watched Loo and fell in love with the art. There are people who would raise eyebrows about Loo’s film inspiring Lee to become an actor. There are times, I will devout time analyzing the possibility. Not tonight.

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Ki Lee made her debut in 2010 in the movie “The Social Network” which was adapted from Ben Mezrich’s book “The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, a Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal” in which he played the forgettable role of a Harvard student.

in 2014, he played what can be regarded as the most prominent role of his career. He played the role of as Minho, the head runner in the film “The Maze Runner” the dystopian science fiction based on the novel of James Dashner. The movie was well-received by and even more so in the box office. It made 348.3 million dollars of a budget of 34 million. Lee would reprise this role in two other Maze Runner installments – “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” from 2015 and “Maze Runner: The Death Cure” (2018).

In 2017, Lee was in “Wish Upon” the supernatural horror film and “The Mayor” a South Korean political drama in Korean. Lee made a special appearance in the movie that involves the third term campaign of a corrupt politician as Mayor of Seoul. The movie was a disaster in the box office making less than 100 thousand dollars off a budget of nearly 10 million dollars.

More on his career

On the TV aspect, Lee was part of “The Nine Lives of Chloe King” on ABC Family, a show that revolves around Chloe King played by Skyler Samuel with cat-like powers, including nine lives, enhanced speed, strength, hearing, agility, night vision, and all those stuff. Ki Lee played the role of Paul Chun one of the best friends of Chloe. The show lasted one season of ten episodes before it was canceled. Then Lee played the role of Dong Nguyen between 2015 and 2016 in the award-nominating series “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” on Netflix.

His other acts on TV including “MotherLover” in which he played the role of Chaz Seong for six episodes on Youtube in 2012, Nickelodeon’s “Victorious” in 2010, CBS’ “Blue Blood” in 2013. Among others. Ki Hong Lee has a rich collection of short films, in double figures, mostly with Wong Fu Productions who made productions for Youtube where they have more than 3 million subscribers.

Wife and net worth

Ki Hong Lee is a married man. He got married in March 2015 to Hayoung Chow. She is a small-time actor with short independent films to her name. Some of these titles include “This Is How We Never Met,” “To Those Nights,” and “She Has a Boyfriend.” Most of her films were with the Wong Fu Production. In fact, it was on set of “She Has a Boyfriend” that the two met. She acted the role of his girlfriend in the show. It was just a movie but it was just more than that. They took it up, outside the set and ended up man and wife.

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After her marriage, she has not appeared in any movies to date and it is unclear if she would ever return to set. For now, she is happy running her home and showing off on Instagram.

Ki Hong Lee has a net worth of four million dollars. He is 5 feet 11 inches (or 1.8 meters) tall.

Image source: Variety

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