Emily Alyn Lind: Four Most Important Facts

Emily Alyn Lind

Emily Alyn Lind is that kind of girl you broke up with at high school then live to regret it for the rest of your life. She is the kind of ex whose name you will mistakenly call your new girl at latter’s biggest moments. It is not hard to explain why – Emily is young, she is beautiful and already flourishing in Hollywood. What do you know about this teenage actress who is precociously climbing the acting ladder with the ease of the super talented?

See the four most important facts about her here.

1. Emily Alyn Lind was born into a family of actors

Emily Alyn Lind was born on May 6, 2000, into a family of thespians in Brooklyn, New York. Her father John Lind is a film and TV producer who met actress Barbara Alyn Woods on the set of “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids” in 1997. Her mother Barbara gave birth to Emily while featuring in a TV drama. Emily Lind was practically born on set.

Her elder sister Natalie is also in the acting industry having made her debut on Fox’s new Marvel series “The Gifted”. Emily has a younger sister named Aly who was born when her mother was a cast in the series “One Tree Hill”. Aly, Emilia’s younger sister has gone on to feature films and TV series.

“There wasn’t a plan; it wasn’t our goal, their journey into acting just kind of happened,” Barbara once said about the career path of her kids during an interview. Yes, it happened and the family is already replicating what the family of this Mafia daughter did in Hollywood and what the Kardashians’ dynasty is doing in business of entertainment.

2. She made her acting debut at the age of 8

When you’re born into something you don’t struggle to get into it. Yes, her parents might have played a role in getting her a chance in the acting industry but the talent has already been deposited inside her and it is what kept her on it. Emily made her acting debut at the age of 8 as Young Lily Owens in the America dram film “The Secret Lives of Bees” which was an adaptation from a novel written by Sue Monk Kidd.

Emily appeared in the experimental drama art film “Enter the Void” as little Linda. The same year she made her first television appearance in the NBC soap opera “Days of our Lives”.

In 2010, she appeared in the American soap opera “All my Children” a series that has been airing for more than four decades before she was born. In the years that followed, Emily was busy making films and gathering a strong fan base all over the world. In 2011, she appeared in the series “Revenge” where she was one of the main cast for five seasons, from 2011 until 2015.

From 2015 to 2018, she was in the television series “Code Black” as Ariel. Emily also appeared in the 2017 film “The Babysitter” as Melanie and in 2019, she appeared in the film “Doctor Sleep”. Reciting her credits is as endless as the cast of a movie cast. Emily has a bright career ahead of her. A-listing looms largely.

3. Emily Alyn is single

We should have overlooked this because she is still a teenager. But there is a massive long list of stars who began dating before 20. They are stars for a purpose. One glance, one dashing smile, a small bow, and a Hollywood is sweeping her off her feet.

Not yet for Emily. But this can change any time soon.  She might be quietly seeing someone but we don’t think so. she is just cementing her journey in the acting business and might consider relationships as a distraction. We believe that’s the case. And if that’s so, then there’s no need to rush. Jordin Sparks has said it before, “One Step at a time”.

4. She is already an award winner

Emily did not enter this movie thing to answer the daughter of famous TV stars. No, she means business. Eleven years in the acting industry, she already has tangible proof that she is one of the Hollywood future the princesses that was promised.

She has won the Outstanding Supporting Actress, Junior Division (Film & Television) for her role in the film “November Christmas”. She has also won the Best Performance Award in a TV Series – Recurring Young Actress Ten and Under for her role in “Revenge”. She still has many years in the industry to win more awards and make more impacts.

Currently, she is luxuriating in her fame with her net worth that is between 500 thousand dollars and one million dollars.

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