79 Amazing And Not So Amazing Kim Kardashian Facts

How do you introduce livewire to a crowd that isn’t paying attention? You just make them feel the heat. How do we introduce a supermodel? We don’t, we just share 79 Kim Kardashian Facts.

Kim Kardashian Facts

1. Her wedding with Basketball star Kris Humphries lasted just 72 days. While Kim K filed for divorce, her estranged Husband asked for annulment, claiming that the very idea of the marriage was a fraud.

2. She was already twice divorced by the age of 33.

3. She earned 5 million as royalty or settlement (whatever you wish to call it) for her leaked sex tape. This whopping sum was paid to her by Vivid Entertainment who distributed the tape to hungry fans.

4. Kim Kardashian believes that her late father still contacts her via dreams.

5. Kim is just 5ft3inches tall. That isn’t so great when compared with other celebrities of her own gender. Rihanna, for instance, is five inches taller than Kim, while Beyoncé is three cool inches more favored vertically than the supermodel with Armenian-roots.

6. Kardashian’s bra size is 3D which is rather on the average side.

7. She has a small waist that measures 26 inches. This is cool in that it accentuates her big boot and hips.

8. Kim is three years, four months and 13 days and 5 hours and nine minutes, 23 seconds younger than her husband Kanye West. We kid about the hour and minutes part of the time but do you care?

9. Her bio on her MySpace profile reads, “I’m a Princess and you’re not.”

10. She got engaged to Kanye West on her 33rd birthday in October, 2013, four months after the birth of their first child North West. He proposed to her at the AT&T Stadium in San Francisco rented for the occasion. The couple got married May 24 in a wedding that is said to have cost 30 million dollars.

11. Growing up, Kim’s desire was to be a teacher.

12. Kim tried her hand in music, an endeavor that flopped. It wasn’t such a flop as she made money via the music “Turn It Up” the proceeds that went to ST. Jude Children’s Hospital.

13. Kim’s full name is Kimberly Noel Kardashian. Don’t sniff at Noel.

14. Kim Kardashian founded a production company called Kimsaprincess Productions just to release three workout videos.

15. The Supermodel was so popular that she was the most googled celebrity in 2008.

16. For his 35th birthday, Mrs. West bought her husband a Lamborghini worth 400 thousand dollars.

17. Kim collects Vintage Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar Magazines for fun.

18. Jennifer Lopez is her idol.

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19. At a point in her life, Kardashian was a designer for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy.

20. Kim began dating quite early. At 13, she was already dating Michael Jackson’s nephew, T.J Jackson, so that for her 14thh birthday bash, the venue was the famed Neverland Ranch.

21. Kim attended the Marymount High school, something she had in common with Mia Farrow and Mariska Hargitay. The school has a peculiar requirement that students must complete 100 hours of community service before graduating.

22. Kim never went to college. In fact, she didn’t finish high school. And no, no one can use this against her. Money is the only raw fact here.

23. For frequently wearing fur, Pople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, named Kim one of the “Five Worst People”.

24. Kardashian has dated, married or romantically linked to up to 15 men before she married Kanye West. A great percentage of them are celebrities.

25. Kim Kardashian was the guest host of WrestleMania XXIV.

26. Her favorite (junk) food is fried Oreos.

27. Kimberly rose to fame on the back of a sex tape with Ray J, Brandy’s younger brother, leaked by the lady herself.

28. “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, a reality TV show began in 2007 helped make Kardashian a supermodel and powerfully rich. In 2017, the Kardashians signed a 150 million dollars deal with E! to keep the show on the air for another five years. This personally makes Kim herself the highest-earning reality television star in the history of the world.

29. She is the mother of four children. However, she only carried the first two herself – North West and Saint West. In each of her pregnancies, she had complications with her Placenta accreta. After her second pregnancy, doctors advised her not to carry any other baby to term. So Mr. and Mrs. West went for surrogacy which birthed Chicago West and Psalm West.

30. Kim K’s favorite movies are Clueless and Notebook.

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31. She is a fan of the Golden Girls.

32. Kardashian became involved romantically with Kanye West even while officially married to Humphries.

33. In High School, Kim and her friends would dress up as Spice Girls during “no uniform” days. Kim usually dressed like Posh Spice (Victoria Beckham).

34. She appeared Nude for the December issue of Playboy magazine.

35. Kim is an author. She published Kim Kardashian Selfish in 2015. This book is made up of her selfie images. There was also the Kardashian Konfidential, co-published with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe in 2010.

36. In 2008, Kardashian was nominated for the award of Worst Supporting Actress by the Golden Raspberry Awards. (Un)fortunately for her, she didn’t win the award.

37. She has won five Choice TV Show Reality Awards for her role in Keeping Up With The Kardashian, scooping the first award in 2009.

38. Kim K Superstar is the title dubbed her sex tape with Ray J.

39. Kardashian first name Kimberly means “From the Wood of Royal Forest”.

40. On October 2, 2016, news got out that Kim was robbed in Paris and dispossessed of her jewelry worth ten million dollars. She was said to have been bound and gagged and had to beg for her life repeatedly. When this news hit the media, it was made with loud skepticism as many believed it was staged for the publicity. A video surfaced showing Kim making a phone call with the same cell phone she had reported stolen adding to the pyre that she staged the robbery. Kim sued a lot of media outfits and got the video removed. The thieves had never been caught.

41. In June 2017 Kardashian launched her own beauty line, KKW Beauty. This was followed in November 2017 by the launching of her own fragrance line, KKW Fragrance.

42. In 2008, Kim partnered with Mark Ballas in the year’s edition of Dancing with the Stars

43. On July 1, 2010, the New York City branch of Madame Tussauds revealed a wax figure of Kardashian.

44. While dating Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband, Kim would alert the paparazzi to the whereabouts of their dates, so they could shoot them.

45. Kim is a practicing Christian. Growing up, she and her siblings Kourtney, Khloe and Rob went to church every Sunday. As an adult, Kim has confessed how religion has helped her made meaning out of life. In 2015, she baptized her daughter North West in the Armenian St. James Cathedral in Jerusalem’s Old City.

46. According to Forbes, as of June 2019, Kardashian net worth was put at 370 million dollars.

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47. Kim’s surname Kardashian means “son of a stonemason.”

48. She is of mixed heritage. Her father was from Armenia whilst her American mother has Dutch, English, Scottish and Irish heritage.

49. Kim has been accused of having plastic surgery for her butt, breasts, eyes, and cheeks. In 2008, she was forced to post a picture of her teenage self in a bikini to disprove these claims.

50. When asked who she would like to be stranded in an island with, the reality superstar chose award-winning American actor, George Clooney.

51. In 2009, Kardashian made a cameo in How I Met Your Mother.

52. Kardashian takes cleanliness to the next level, saying: “I can’t take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless; I think I’m totally OCD. I have a cleaner who comes three times a week, but I always do the cleaning on top of that.”

53. Kim Kardashian godfather is O.J Simpson. Know him? He was the football star who was accused and tried for the murders of his ex-wife and friend. According to Simpson, he was in the room when Kim was delivered.

54. Kim Kardashian owns Paris Hilton a lot for her fame. She used to be Paris’ “sidekick” from whence she began to get media attention and shots.

55. In a list of Top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunnies, Kim was voted third, beaten only by Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson.

56. Kim became a married woman as a teenager. She married music producer Damon Thomas aged 19. She left him before she reached 24, meaning she was divorced before the age most women today feel they are ready for marriage.

57. For fun, the superstar collects old Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar for fun.

58. Having been constantly likened to Jasmine from Disney’s Alladin, Kardashian dressed like the princess during the Halloween in 2009.

59. Mr. and Mrs. West owns a mansion in the Bel Air area of Los Angeles, with media speculation putting the sum the couple spent in the home between 11 and 15 million dollars.

60. Kim K is insanely famous that she is paid between 300 and 500 thousand dollars to make a single post on Instagram. In fact, the BusinessInsider puts her per-post earning on IG at 720 dollars.

61. For a long-term endorsement, Kim signs multi-million dollars deals. One of such deals with a wearable-consumer-goods firm for 6 million dollars.

62. The fact that Kardashian is famous for her curves and came to limelight via a sex tape doesn’t mean she would allow anything against her person. The superstar once accused and sued Missguided, a fashion brand for misappropriation of Kim’s image and persona.

63. Kardashian biggest regret in life is trying to sing, saying, “Like, what gave me the right to think I could be a singer?” Perhaps fame. Well, she concludes, “I don’t have a good voice.” We know.

64. Noel doesn’t do drugs and alcohol. According to her, she does just “five shots of vodka in Vegas every three years”.

65. Remember Elizabeth Taylor? The Hollywood legend from the 50s, Kim was the last person to interview her before she died.

66. Because cold jewelry gives her the chills, Kardashian blow-dries every item of jewelry before wearing them.

67. And before she became famous, Kim organizes closets, some of her clients include Serena Williams, Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie.

68. In High School, Kim was voted “The Most Likely to Lie About Her Ethnicity.”

69. Attorney Robert Kardashian would call his daughter Kim “Kimbo” as a kid. And sometimes “Joge” which means Imagine in Armenian.

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70. And Kim featured in the music video for Fergie song “MILF $”.

71. Kim Kardashian spends an average of 1 million dollars per annum on her beauty regimen.

72. Not only is Kim a Christian, she once flirted with the idea of starting a Bible Study group with her friends. Wow.

73. Kim and West have expressed desires to keep their daughter, North, out of the spotlight. Well, they haven’t had so much success here as Kim was once accused of waxing her daughter’s eyebrows.

74. In 2012, Anna Wintour banned Kim from the Met Gala.

75. Kardashian’s stepfather is a woman. Yes, her mom, Kris, divorced Robert Kardashian in 1989. She met and married Olympic star Bruce Jenner in 1991. In 2012, Bruce Jenner underwent gender change and became Caitlyn Jenner.

76. Kardashian has a jewelry line with the store Bebe.

77. For his 38th birthday, in 2015, she rented out the entire Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles for $110,000 to celebrate her husband West.

78. Kim has been paid 25 thousand dollars per tweet. A mile from what she is paid in Instagram but more than many earn per year.

79. In what would turn out to be an act of prophetic genius, Kim Kardashian High Schoolmates voted her the “Most Likely to Meet Her Husband at the Million Man March.”

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