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The Wikipedia entry for Michael Berryman claims he has made a name for himself as a B Movies stars. B Movies have been defined in a number of ways. It just simply means second-grade movies. Whatever the amount of low-budgeted movies that the star has featured in, this is not the reason we know him and therefore cannot be a major point in his biography. They also mentioned the major role of horror in his career. We do not dispute this one.

We just dug deeper and here are all the facts you need to know.

Michael Berryman was born in Los Angeles

Actors are usually born elsewhere and then move to Los Angeles. The reverse is the case with Michael Berryman. He was born in the capital of movie-making on earth. He was born in September 1948. He is 71 years old as at the time of writing this. He was born with a rare physical condition which means he had no sweat glands, hair, and fingernails nor could grow them.

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Michael Berryman turned his  hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia into a blessing and became a legend of horror in Hollywood.

He began his career in 1975

He was not like most actors who started their careers in their teens. But then most actors are not legends. Most actors just manage to keep a grip on fame and live within their bloated income. Berryman’s first movie was in the action f “Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze”. One or two more small role appearances in film and he landed the most defining career of his life. He played the beastly role of Pluto in the film “The Hills Have Eyes” which has been considered one of the scariest horror movies of one time.

The film’s reception was so large and the portrayal of Pluto was so larger than life that his character was brought to life and Berryman relived his character in “The Hills Have Eyes: II”. He was also in the sorcery film “The Barbarians” from 1987, then “Weird Science” (1985) and “The Guyver” (1991). More recently, in 2012, Berryman was part of the Canadian and British collaborated horror movie “Below Zero”.

And many others.

The star was in X-Files

“The Hills Have Eyes” film series is not the only popular venture of Michael Berryman. He was in “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. He was in Fox big science fiction series on Fox.

X-Files is special to this site as it is one of the two or three moving-picture that a majority of the stars in our database have in common.

He won the EyeGore Award

In 2007, Michael Berryman was honored with an award for a Career Contribution in Horror Genre by EyeGore. EyeGore is an awarder for in the achievements and accomplishments in the horror and science-fiction genre. The award began in 1997 and make its events and presentation coincide with Halloween Horror Nights.

Michael Berryman once lived in a wolf sanctuary for years

Michael Berryman is that kind of man. He has a friend, a certain Tonya Carloni who runs a mountain wolf sanctuary in which they carry out the noble task of rescuing stranded wolves and giving them a decent place to live, far from the dangers of the wild – and the irony can’t be lost on you. Michael lived here for ten years.

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For his time here, he has a tattoo on his left arm of a wolf and a wolf-puppy. A Stark man flesh and blood – and yes, winter is coming.

The Thespian lives on Grass

Grammar can be ambiguous. Living on grass can mean Berryman survives by eating grass. It can also mean that the star practically sleeps on top of grass. Well, here, it is neither of them. Thankfully English has a word called metaphor and another called synecdoche.

Michael Berry lives in Grass Valley, California.

He earns 50 thousand dollars per credit

This is not the full story. Mr. Berryman is worth five million dollars and because he has acted in around 100 films, TV and the rest, we took the lazy way out. We divided his net worth by 100 and arrived at this figure. It is wrong on many fronts. His net worth is as the average of his lifetime of spending and investments. And inflation means that for a star who began acting in the 1970s, the adjusted dollar weight over the past forty years will not make it impossible to get one figure that will be representational of all those figures without calculating the individual sums at their then worth.

We are heading towards the boring inner yoke of accounting. Michael Berryman is worth five million dollars. Period.

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