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Antonia Thomas

If you are a Misfit, you may be Lovesick then you will have to see The Good Doctor. This sounds like a good sentence for an aspiring bad poet but this has to do with a certain Antonia Thomas, and the initial capped phrases are actually her acting credits. Forget bad poetry, here are all the facts you need to know about the actress offered as answers to the following questions.

How old is Antonia Thomas?

Antonia Thomas was born in November 1986. We write this in August 2019 and the temptation is to just give her age as 33 years with the hope that you may be reading this article post-November – it is not as if we would remember to update this post in November. So we will leave it to you – Antonia Thomas is 32 years old (or 33 years old depending on when you are reading this).

What race is Antonia Thomas?

Antonia was born Antonia Laura Thomas to an English father and a Jamaican mother. The average Caribbean is black from which Antonia got her black heritage. Her father, David Thomas, is a white entertainer who made a living as a classical bass singer. Basically, Antonia is biracial. This is the term that many outside the United States shores will see her as. In the United States where the one-drop of blood rule subconsciously or unconsciously applies, Antonia will be regarded simply as a black woman, or a woman of color to borrow a more generic term.

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Now to the follow-up question, Is Antonia Thomas British? Antonia was born in London (a look at our database shows you will be hard-pressed to find an actor from England who wasn’t born in London). She grew up and had her high school education in London; her higher education came from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. While she began her career in the UK, the actress has had important roles in American productions where she now lives. This might be why anyone might ask and the answer is clear – Antonia Thomas is British.

Family – Is Antonia Thomas married?

No, Antonia Thomas is not married. She is not, however, romantically unattached. Michael Shelford is the name of her man and the two began dating in 2016. Michael Shelford is an actor. You should know him, you Game of Thrones fanatic. He was the chief torturer in episode three of season three. He was also a part of “The Boy With The Topknot” drama on BBC.

We might not know about most of her childhood and family ties but we know that Antonia has two siblings namely Emma Jay Thomas (Sister) and Chloe Lucy Thomas (Sister).

Career – Who plays Alisha in Misfits?

Antonia Thomas plays the role of Alisha in British science-fiction serial comedy on British Channel 4. It centers around a group of youths who were sentenced to community service where an unnatural storm somehow gave them supernatural powers. Alisha is one of the superheroes of the show. And this happens to be her breakthrough show.

“We were all so hilariously different as people,” she said of her time in the show, “and most of the time gelled, and sometimes fought – but it was just brilliant. It was just brilliant. I’ve realized since, almost ten years later, you don’t get jobs like that that often – where everything is great. We were like siblings.”

Ms. Thomas left the show after three of the five seasons of the series.

After leaving Misfit, she acted a couple of films such as the British romantic comedy “Spike Island”, the Scottish romantic musical film “Sunshine on Leath” and the British historical film “Northern Soul”. She also had a few drama appearances including an episode of “Transporter: The Series” a French-Canadian production in English on HBO Canada and select European channels.

Then, in 2014, Antonia featured in another British comedy series of legendary status “Lovesick”. This series revolves around a group of friends who live together in Glasgow, Scotland. The show began airing on Channel 4 and was later made available to Netflix who took over and commissioned the second season.

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By the time she came to America, Antonia was already a relatively known name. She cemented her name in the consciousness of Americans when she played a part in “The Good Doctor”. This is a medical drama on ABC which is actually the remaking of the South Korean TV series of the same title. Antonia played the role of Dr. Claire Browne whom she later described in an interview as “so multilayered and flawed.”

How tall is the actress?

Antonia Thomas is not a tall woman. She stands at 5 feet 1 inch tall. This is 1.55 meters or 155cm. No matter how you wish to look at it, this is not tall as Antonia is four full inches shorter than the average actress in Hollywood. If you place her side by side male actors, she falls short by at least 9 inches. The actress weighs 52 kg or 114 pounds.

Antonia wears a 32E bra and carries a body measurement of 32-22-35 inches or 81-56-89 cm.

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