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Ryan Stiles

Ryan Stiles reminds me of this old man I know who wears a hat, smoke pipes and rides on a bicycle that should be in the museum. If Stiles sees this bit about him, he will smile. He is an improvisational comedian, he is an actor, he is that kind of a person. Do I know him that well? At least, better than you do. Hop in let’s go ride down Stiles Road.

Ryan Stiles was born in Seattle

Ryan Stiles was born in Seattle Washington DC. He was in April 1959. Whenever I write about someone who was born in Washington, somehow I try to figure out what the politicians in Washington were up to as at that time. In 1959, Hawaii became the fifth and final state of the United States of America. In the same year, the Cuban Revolution happened and a certain Fidel Castro came to power.

In most of the posts in our database relating to Canadian stars, the usual route was moving to the United States for work and sometimes permanently. In the case of Ryan Stiles, the opposite happened. While aged ten, his parents, Irene and Sonny Stiles, moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It was in his new town that he did his high school and also went astray – he became a stand-up comedian much to the disapproval of his parents. Just a few weeks before his graduation, he dropped out of school.

Career: He was on Whose Lines Is It Anyway? – and others

If Ryan Stiles’ career is to be discussed on two pages, “Whose Lines is It Anyway?” could occupy one full page if not one and a half pages. This improvisational comedy show styled WLIIA begin as a radio program on BBC in 1988 but got tailored for TV in the next year. The producers wanted an international cast that included comedians in the British Isle and also from North America. One of the comedians they chose was a certain Canadian-American called Ryan Stiles.

Stiles went on to feature in more than seventy episodes of the series over ten years. As the British edition was coming to an end, Stiles’ partner and comic host and entrepreneur, Drew Casey, began to talk to the executives of ABC about making the show for Americans. They bought the idea and the US version of “Whose Lines Is It Anyway” began to air in America. For nine years between 1998 and 2007 (and then from 2013 on The CW), Stiles rocked the airwaves, performing in hundreds of episodes.

While here, see facts about this Hollywood matriarch 

Stiles was also a regular at “The Drew Casey Show” in which he played the role of Lewis Kiniski the struggling friend of Drew Casey’s fictionalized self.

Besides being an improvisationalist, Stiles acted in normal TV shows. He was in CBS’ series “Two and a Half Men”. playing recurring roles in scores of episodes in several seasons between 2004 and 2015. He was also in films that included playing voice roles.

Despite his tight schedules between two continents, Ryan Stiles still found time to do charity work. He worked with Burned Children Recovery Center to raise money for victims of burned injuries. He has raised more than half a million dollars to date.

Relationship – Ryan Stiles has been married for ages

Ryan Stiles is a married man. He got married in 1988 which is 31 years ago. Which is not exactly ages. But over the past 150 posts or so, the number of married celebrities in Hollywood we have written with divorce is rather too high, so high that a marriage of 31 years almost deserves to have drums rolled out for a congratulatory dance.

Ryan is married to Patricia McDonald (not to be confused with Pat McDonald, the Australian radio and stage actress who passed on in 1990). Ms. McDonald is not an actress. The couple is blessed with three kids named Sam, Mackenzie, and Claire.

Mr. Stiles is back to and living in Washington.

What is Ryan Stiles’ net worth?

Ryan Stiles lives in style. Why not? He is a multi-millionaire and a shining example of a high school dropout who ended up hitting it big. Besides acting and improv comedy, the actor owns a theatre dedicated to the production of live improvs. This last sentence may not add to his worth.

Ryan Stile is 60 years old, one of the few thousands of elderly men in the United States who do not have to ransack the internet looking for tips on how to survive retirement on a few cents in their old coat.

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