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Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth is an actress or was an actress as she no longer acts. In fact, it has been more a decade since she was last seen on the set of a movie. She is gone for so long and somehow, she has continued to remain relevant, at least in the hearts of the thousands whose heart she touched while she was on the series Baywatch or when People named her one of the most beautiful girls on earth or when FHM continually named her one of the sexiest women alive. Here are five things to know about her.

Yasmine Bleeth was born in New York

Yasmine Bleeth was born in New York City. On paper, she was born in the capital of capitalism, but things are not always so posh in the grand scheme of reality. The other day, we wrote about a New York-born actor who spent five years trying to get rid of her local New York accent in order to fit in in Hollywood.

Ms. Bleeth was born Yasmine Amanda Bleeth in June 1968. Her mother was a model and it was from her that Yasmine got her Arab heritage – her mother was Algerian, partly French, and Catholic. Her father brings Russian, German, and Jewish heritage into her system.

Growing up, Bleeth celebrated Catholic and Jewish festivals. It is unclear which of the two religions she finally settled for. She lost her mother to cancer when she was 21 years old and this broke her heart and she put a hold on her acting career for a substantial period of time.

She taught Meghan Markle how to handle her fans

We all saw the last Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and ex-actress Meghan Markle. Markle is what an average standoffish Brit will call a commoner. She doesn’t have a father who is a duke of someplace or an earl of some other place. To make matters shakier, she is foreign (so foreign, she is American) and she has African heritage.

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But pay no heed to what you read in the Daily Mail, Ms. Markle handles her office well and she owns Yasmine a lot for this. While growing up in California, aged 13 or 14, Meghan worked at a frozen yogurt shop in Los Angeles called Humphrey Yogart where she earned four dollars per hour. It was here that she met Yasmine whom she has seen in a couple of films and a commercial and liked. She approached Yasmine and Yasmine responded well, thanked the girl, thereby lifting her confidence.

Meghan Markle would continually be grateful for this – as an actress and also as the Duchess of Sussex.  “That moment with Yasmine is exactly what I based every interaction with fans on.” 

She fought substance abuse at a point in her life

Yasmine Bleeth fought substance abuse. At some point, we say, but there are a handful of people who will say it is more than just at a point. There are a lot more people who would blame her early retirement on injecting substances into her system. And they are not totally wrong. In 2001, she was arrested for being in possession of cocaine and driving under impairment. She stroke a plea-bargain deal and was sentenced to two years probation and 100 hours of community service.

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On her dealings with substance, she said, “It was almost like falling in love.” And added that: “It became my boyfriend, my best friend, my family.” She was basically a slave to coke. Between 2000 and 2004, Yasmine had at least two stays in rehabs. And today, while she admits that significant progress has been made, there are still whispers that she sometimes struggles to stay away from substances.

She retired early

What is the average age in which actors leave Hollywood? We don’t know, but then it can’t be less than fifty. This is not sports; actors act till they have to support themselves with a cane, then they lean on the cane and act some more. We might exaggerate a little here but that doesn’t make 35 years the average of retirement, and that was the age Yasmine left Hollywood. Her last released movie was the film titled “Game Over” which couldn’t be more symbolic than it sounds. But it wasn’t really her last appearance on set as the parts she played in this movie was shot in 1996.

Her last act was the television film “Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding” on TV. Before this, she made her name in “Baywatch” the action drama series on NBC about lifesavers who parole Los Angeles beaches looking for who leads saving. She played the role of Caroline Holden one of the lifeguards, a sexy, obstinate and protective lifeguard for 72 episodes.

In 2000, Yasmine became a part of “Titans” on NBC. Marketed as the next big thing for the millennium but the gods didn’t buy this; the series fared poorly and was canceled after the first season. It couldn’t even air all of the episodes it shot. Earlier, Ms. Bleeth was in the more successful “Nash Bridges”, the police drama on CBS where she featured in 26 episodes. The irony is that the makers of “Titans” approached “Nash Bridges” makers and urged them to give the actress an early release from their set so she could join “Titans”.

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For Yasmine, here are also a handful of movies including “Crowned and Dangerous” where she played the role of a sex-crazed beauty queen and admitted years later to still being in possession of her crazed crown years later.

Yasmine Bleeth met her husband on rehab

Yasmine Bleeth met her husband at the most curious place. Yes, the kind of place where relationships of such nature are frowned at. At the rehabilitation facility in Malibu, California where she went to overcome her addiction to substances she met a man who swept her off her feet. Paul Cerrito is the name and he too was there to help himself. Now, what is that thing they say about birds of a feather? Well, they no longer just flock together; they date and get. Like this duo did in 2002.

They continue to remain married heading to the two decades hour mark.

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