William Lucking – Age, Career, Where Is He Now?

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William Lucking

William Lucking takes his acting talent seriously even at his old age as he has not dropped the baton. His career has spanned over five decades, appearing in television series like “Sons of Anarchy”, “Mountain Men” and “Rundown”. Lucking did not start his career by a stroke of luck as he also doubles as a film director. Where is he now? Here is everything we know about the actor.

William Lucking: Age and Family

William Lucking was born on June 17, 1941, in Vicksburg, Michigan, United States. He was born two years after the American great depression ended, at least on paper. There is no information about his parents or siblings but William received quality education which could be mean two things or more; maybe he was privileged to or his parents had the resources to send him to one of the finest schools.

William Lucking graduated from UCLA and the Pasadena Playhouse with degrees in literature and theater. After his graduation, he made his debut in an episode of a 1968 movie “Ironside”. William put his talent and education to good use as he co-founded the Santa Paula Theater Center in the mid-’80s. he was also the Artistic manager and director of the theatre for five years.

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His first marriage was with Marycarolyn “MiMi” Hawkins and it was blessed with two children who are now adults, Juliana and Marjet. The marriage lasted for more than 30 years until death separated them as MiMi died of breast cancer in 1996. Following her death, Lucking paid more attention to writing as well as acting and has written several short stories, screenplays and a novel.

He remarried in 1998 to Sigrid Insull a costume designer, and they are still married. William Lucking is 79 years old.

William Lucking: Career

William Lucking normally plays the role of a detective or a sheriff.  One of his most iconic roles on TV is his role of Piney Winston, a member of the “Sons of Anarchy” Motorcycle Club and was one of the club’s founders, along with his best friend, John Teller. In the series, he was in his late 60s and served as a Soldier in the U.S. Army 25th Infantry Division during the Vietnam War. When he returned to his hometown of Charming, California, in 1967, he felt ostracized by the same society he had just risked his life for. He eventually co-founded the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club with fellow war veteran John Teller as a form of social rebellion and freedom.

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He played the role of Harland Pike in “Outlaws”. He also appeared as Colonel Lynch in ” The A-Team”. He has production credits in projects like “Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story”, “Harold Pinter’s The Hothouse”, “George Bernard Shaw’s Major Barbara”, “Tennessee Williams’ Camino Real”, and “Robert Penn Warren’s All the King’s Men”. Lucking also directed episodes of television for two shows he had earlier acted on: “Silk Stalkings” and “Mike Hammer, Private Eye”. He appeared i episodes of the television series “Murder She Wrote”.

Net Worth, Height

William Lucking has a net worth of 2 million dollars. this might not be a large sum but at least he is not broke. he stands at a height of 1.9 meters.

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