Kayvan Novak: Age, Ethnicity, Career, Relationship

Kayvan Novak

Not many actors have the same talent as Kayvan Novak. Aside from his motion credits, he is a voice actor and also a comedian. Novak has been relevant in the entertainment industry for over two decades with awards to boot. Here is everything you need to know about the actor.

Kayvan Novak: Age & Ethnicity

Kayvan Novak is British-Iranian. He was born in London to Iranian parents who migrated to the city for greener pastures on 23 November 1978. Novak attended Highgate School ( formally Sir Roger Cholmeley’s School at Highgate, an English co-educational, fee-paying, independent day school, founded in 1565 in Highgate, London, England) before moving to the Fine Arts College in Hampstead.

He proceeded to the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art.

As a child born in the late 1970s, he grew up watching American Tv shows and fell in love with acting. He found out he could make people laugh, that’s not all, Novak discovered that his voice is good enough to voice major TV characters, he then set forth to pursue a career in the show business.

To Novak, it was more than just chasing a career as acting also provided him the means to escape being a truant child growing up.

Kayvan Novak: Career

Novak made his acting debut in 2002 when he appeared in an episode of Fox television series “The American Embassy” as Ahmed Rallah. The same year he appeared in two other television series. In 2005, Novak and Ed Tracy created “Fonejacker”, a prank call show as part of Channel 4’s Comedy Lab strand. It first appeared in May 2006 and became a full series in 2007.

In November 2009, the third series was officially announced, with the news that it would be called “Fonejacker 3D” and feature Kayvan Novak portraying both old and new Fonejacker characters face-to-face in the public domain. Fonejacker won the BAFTA award for the “Best Comedy Programme” in 2008.

Novak starred as an intelligence officer in the Academy Award-winning film “Syriana”. He also appeared in the 2010 comedy “Four Lions”, in which he played the dim-witted Waj, a role for which he won the award for Best Comedy Performance in a British Film at the 2010 British Comedy Awards, beating fellow actor Nigel Lindsay, who was nominated for his role in the same film. Novak voiced a Cyberman head called Handles in the Doctor Who 2013 Christmas special “The Time of the Doctor”.

He also voiced the character of Brains in the revived ITV series “Thunderbirds Are Go”. The actor has appeared in many films and television series. One of his latest contributions to the screen was in 2019 when he played the role of a vampire Nandor The Relentless on the critically acclaimed mockumentary comedy horror television series “What We Do In The Shadows”.


Novak is married to Talitha Stone, who is also an actor known for her role in the British soap opera “Emmerdale”.  They look so adorable in the pictures they share on the internet. Novak speaks fluent Persian. He once called the BBC and left a message pretending to be Kevin Spacey; the BBC called him back.

Kayvan Novak is a fan of Liverpool FC and should be happy that his team excited that his team finally won the English Premier League after two decades.

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