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Army wives cast

This is not about “Army Wives” the TV movie from 1987. Of course, we know that you know that and you know that we know that you know but telling you gave me a feeling of authority and it feels cool. “Army Wives” is a TV series on Lifetime Network about a group of Army personnel or their wives or family friends and how they deal with the jobs of being military or military relations and these turned out to be full-time jobs. This show was on for seven seasons between 2007 and 2013. Heading to the decade mark of the end of the show, we look back at the main cast members and what they have been up to since the end of the show. While there are male members of the main cast, we only looked at the “wives” aspect of the cast by checking only the female main cast.

Army Wives Cast: Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell played the role of Denise Sherwood, the wife of Colonel Frank Sherwood whom she met while she was in a nursing school in which she dropped out of to marry Frank. Colonel Sherwood is the commander of the 32nd Airborne Division. She is the mother of Jeremy Sherwood who is a soldier serving in Iraq. Whenever I think of “Army Wives”, Catherine Bell’s character is what comes to my mind first.

Bell was born in London of a Scottish father and an Iranian mother. While growing up, the family moved to the San Francisco area of the United States. Catherine’s dream was to be a medical researcher and she entered the University of California in Los Angeles to pursue this career. She left in her second year to pursue a career in modeling.

Where is Catherine Bell today? Bell was married to Adam Beason in 1994. The two divorced in 2011. She met and began to live with the photographer/party planner Brooke Daniells in 2012. Two years later she bought a house in Hidden Hills in West Los Angeles. She is still active in Hollywood as she was in “NCIS: Los Angeles” where she played the role of Sarah MacKenzie which was the lead role in the show “JAG”

Kim Delaney

Kim Delaney is an Emmy-award winning actress who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1961 and raised a Roman Catholic (she is Irish American). She studied acting with Will Esper and began her career as a model in New York City. She won Emmy award for her role in Detective of Diane Russell “NYPD Blue”.

Delaney played the role of Claudia Joy Holden the daughter of Judge Holden who has a massive gambling addiction and has a series of creditors on his back. Delaney is the godmother of a couple of children in Fort Marshall including the daughter of Joan played by Wendy Davis. She is best friends with Denise Sherwood.

Where is Kim Delaney today? For most of her adult life, she battled alcoholism and has been arrested, charged, fined, and sentenced on probation for drink-related offenses and sometimes more than once. Today, she lives with her son Jack Cortese in Los Angeles.

More Army Wives cast members: Sally Pressman

Sally Pressman was born in 1981 to an investor father and a mother who was involved in theatre. While in school, Sally trained as a ballet dancer and was part of the Manhattan Ballet Company. She attended Yale University where she was involved with the theatre and a couple of Shakespearean play.

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Sally Pressman played the role of Roxy LeBlanc the wife of a 2nd Lieutenant Trevor in Fort Marshall. She has an abusive childhood and had suffered in an abusive relationship. Now married to Trevor she has to deal with his absence while he fought overseas.

Where is Sally Pressman today? Sally is married to the actor David Clayton Rogers the actor and producer. They got married in 2013 and are blessed with two kids, the second who was born in late 2018 is what we believe Pressman is doing now, nursing the baby.

Brigid Brannagh

According to Wikipedia, Brigid Brannagh has been credit with the following names: Brigid Brannagh, Brigid Brannah, Brigid Brannaugh, Brigid Walsh, and Brigid Conley Walsh. She was born in San Fransico in 1991, number four in the family of nine children. She began her career in 1988.

Sally Pressman played the role of Pamela Moran in 85 episodes in the first six seasons of the show. As Moran, she was married to Chase an officer in the Delta Force and whose commitments meant Pamela constantly had to deal with his absence which made her bond closer with the rest of the military spouses.

Where is Brigid Brannagh today? Brigid works in and lives in Los Angeles with her husband whom she married in Justin Lyons.

Army Wives: Wendy Davis

Wendy Davis was born in 1966 in Joppatowne, Maryland where she grew up and had her high school education. She has a degree in theatre from Howard University.

Wendy Davis played the role of Colonel Joan Burton in the show. She just returned from Afganistan where she saw battle for two years. She returned in the cusp of a court-martial and disgrace from the army. She was later diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury and later became a garrison commander.

Where is Wendy Davis today? Wendy used to be married to Jacobi Wynne with whom they have a daughter. Wendy was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder in which the patients suffer difficulties paying attention and involved in excessive activities and acts regardless of consequences. Wendy lives with her daughter who also has ADHD. Wendy is involved in ADHD advocacy.

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