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Lou Williams is an American professional basketball player originally born as Louis Tyrone William on October 27, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

The basketballer is a player for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association. In 2014, news made rounds that the shooting guard was dating two women simultaneously and that they were perfectly fine with the arrangement.

In an interview, he stated that people referred to both of them as sisters which he considered rather “ridiculous”.

Additionally, he cleared the air for those thinking he was a “dog” for being in a polygamous relationship. He made it clear that they weren’t just random girls he was “running around with”, but the mothers of his children respectively.

Eventually, after circulation of the news on the internet, he was however not impressed by the way people still pictured the whole thing as they continually used it for bants and memes – very typical, and it was beyond his control, he opened up on the fact that he holds unflinching amounts of respect for both women as they were his baby mothers.

Lou Williams: Relationship

Judging by the lives of most athletic celebrities, Lou Williams is viewed as nothing but a “dog” exploring his unchecked promiscuity by dating two women at the same time was very understandable.

Some fans and followers who were awed by the athlete’s ability to do what he did seek advice on how to not just double-date, but also introduce and make them get along.

To the question, Lou answered: “it’s too late already. They gotta introduce you to them champ”. The reply was and add to his hall of fame, creating the sensation that nobody does it like Lou William.

However, the athlete’s attempt to normalize polyamory among NBA fans is proved to be futile and happens to double as the only shortcoming of his so far fruitful career. He spent seventeen years building his success in the NBA by being a role player and has now totaled the most bench points in NBA history, as well as collecting three 6th Man of the Year trophies. Furthermore, in an interview, he opened up on his intentions t to retire after this 2021-22 season, and how he planned to do so as a very decorated athlete.

Ashley Henderson was one of the girlfriends and baby mama who was involved in the puzzling relationship with the shooting guard.

She is a mother to the first two young William’s – Jada and Zoey, who reportedly broke off from the relationship in 2016.

It was reported that she continued with the relationship for the sake of her children, and wasn’t only dating the NBA player, but also his second girlfriend, Rece Mitchell.

The two women got along quite fine and even appeared on occasions together. Ashley even considered Rece as her “sister wife” and for that reason had a very good relationship with her. The two hung out and even celebrated Christmas and birthdays as a family.

In 2016, the separation was taken as rumors until Ashley’s once upon a time Instagram page that was flooded with pictures of Luo didn’t remain the same as she deleted all, she also stopped going on vacations with him and Rece, it was then certain that she was done.

Initially, there was no such thing as the trio, not until the athlete arrived to play for the Raptors, he went ahead to begin a relationship with Rece who he fondly calls “Brown” while Ashley was “Blonde”, the nickname came due to their respective hair colours.

Rece Mitchell, the second girlfriend and baby mother of the third and so far youngest William is a Detroit-born 30 years old established model and entrepreneur.

She was born on January 21, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan United States. Although her parent’s identities are unknown, she grew up alongside her twin sister Daria Marie, and an older brother.

Her modeling years started as early as in her teen years. She attended Henninger High school and then went forward with her graduation from Michigan State University.

She co-owns a hair weave brand known as 2Glamorous and also owns a hair weave shop.

Asides from that, she is the owner of the well-doing clothing store called D4 threads. Her relationship with the Atlanta Hawks shooting guard hasn’t been a rosey one, but their love and respect for each other is still there which somehow help them recover from struggles.

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