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Tony Shawkat

Tony Shawkat hails from a country not usually associated with making a mark in Hollywood or in the entertainment industry at large.  However in 1978, he shattered the glass ceilings with only 200 dollars in his pocket as he relocated to the United States of America to chase his dreams. Here is everything you need to know about him.

Tony Shawkat was born in Iraq

Tony Shawkat was born and raised as Abdul Tony Shawkat in Baghdad, Iraq but moved to the United States in 1978. This was two years before Iraq invaded Iran in a war that lasted for 8 years, Sources say all he had with him was a dream and $200 in his pocket. God bless America.

He presently resides in Rancho Mirage, California.

Tony Shawkat is an Actor and Producer

Tony Shawkat started his career as an actor, and we presume his career choice was influenced by his wife and her family, who have a long history in the movie business.

Tony Shawkat has two acting credits to his name but is better known for his role in the 1999’s “Three Kings”, starring alongside his then 9-year-old daughter, Alia Shawkat. Tony Shawkat played Oasis Bunker, an Iraqi Republican Guard Sergeant, while his daughter played Amir’s daughter. The story was centered after the Persian Gulf War, where four soldiers encounter some people who were in dying need of their help on their way to steal the stolen Kuwait gold.

Tony Shawkat also served as an Iraqi language and culture advisor to the producer, David O. Russell.

In 2006, Tony Shawkat played a minor role as guard 1 in the crime thriller “Karla”. A movie based on the true-life events of a couple who kidnapped, sexually abused, and murdered three young girls.

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Tony Shawkat has three credits as a producer. He made his debut in the movie “Vlad” which featured Francesco Quinn, Billy Zane, and Brad Dourif and was shot in Romania. The horror thriller was a success as it bagged two awards – Fort Myers Beach Film Festival for Director’s favorite and Tabloid Witch Awards for best horror feature film.

Tony Shawkat also produced the romance comedy ”Bart Got a Room” and is the executive producer of the movie “The Romantics” in 2008 and 2010 respectively. Some sources added that he produced and directed a documentary on the Mushroom collection in Romania.

Tony Shawtak is a Father

Tony Shawtak is married to a Norwegian, Irish woman of Italian descent. Dina Burke is an actress and daughter of actor Paul Raymond Burke, a two-time Emmy Award nominee.

According to online sources, they got married in 1978. They have been married for over 44 years with three beautiful children. Sadly, we only know the name of one of these children, Alia Shawtak, born on April 18, 1989. Alia has two brothers.

Tony Shawtak is better known as Alia’s Father

Tony Shawtak has done some great works which are recognized internationally but not enough to garner this level of popularity. It is his relationship with Alia Shawatak as his father and co-manager.

Alia Shawkat is an American actress, music artist, and producer. Her debut at the age of nine alongside her father had placed her in the right spot. She is the recipient of the TV Land Future Classic Award for her role in 2004’s “Arrested Development” and the Audie Award for Humor in 2020’s “More Bedtime Stories for Cynics”.

Alia Shawkat is bisexual. Having had relationships with Michael Cera, Jack Antonoff, and Michael Angarano, she has been spotted with her co-star in the movie “Whip it” actress Ellen Page. Some say they have been “Best of Friends”.

Tony Shawtak sponsored a football tournament

In his country, he might not be known for his work as an actor or producer but Bagdad will not be in a hurry to forget his support in 2006. It was at the time of the Sectarian war and the people were trying to heal. Tony Shawkat and the then-Iraqi soccer coach, Ammo Babba, brought young boys from all parts of Baghdad to play soccer together. Tony Shawkat was said to have single-handedly sponsored the whole tournament.

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