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Taylor Misiak has that kind of name you heard once and immediately have the feeling that it is a name you have heard so much and a name which has a lot of clout behind it. Taylor Misiak is the name of a superstar – kind of a name a superstar would. Is the actress Misiak who is known mostly for her role in the comedy show “Dave” on FXX a superstar? The next paragraphs of this post shall tell.

Taylor Misiak – age

Taylor Misiak was born in February 1992 in San Fransico, California. Not a lot is known about her early life and family but we know that she was born to a Mr. and Mrs. Dave and Trina Misiak and has a brother named Darren. Taylor didn’t grow up in San Fransisco. Her childhood had stints in other parts of California, notably San Jose and in the state of Minnesota. It was while in high school that she became involved in drama and she showed herself a capable actress.

Not satisfied with her capability or seeking to expand it, she went on to pursue and bag a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Ithaca College in New York City. Armed with this, she proceeded to Los Angeles and her career as a Thespian was born.

Taylor Misiak is 29 years old.

Taylor Misiak’s career

Misiak didn’t hit the proverbial ground running when she came to Los Angeles. Every year, hundreds of people come to Los Angeles to pursue a career before the camera. The road to the stardom is pretty rough, nay brutal. Taylor saw this firsthand as she had to do odd jobs such as being a waitress to survive while waiting for her break. In this time, she was involved in a handful of short and B movies most of their titles we would never know nor would Misiak remember.

Taylor Misiak was also on TV where she was involved in a couple of shows including one episodic appearances in the romantic musical comedy-drama “Crazy Ex-Girfriends on The CW and “About a Boy” a sitcom on NBC. In 2018, she had a little break when she featured in “We Are CVNT5”, a comedy documentary starring Gareth Emery Ali Ghandour, and Paul Holowaty for eight episodes.

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In March 2020, “Dave” began to air on FXX. The show stars Lil Dicky, the rapper and comedian as the title character. Taylor played the role of Ally, an elementary school teacher who doubles as Dave’s girlfriend. The comedy show which is well-received and well-reviewed in Rotten Tomatoes and elsewhere has 10 episodes and Misiak was a part of all of them.

The second season of “Dave” premiered in October 2021.

Taylor Misiak is not only into acting; she is also a podcaster. She airs her podcasts which she co-hosts with Alyssa Litman, the screenwriter on Apple Podcast.

Body stats and Is she married?

Taylor Misiak is a beautiful woman. She is blonde, blue-eyed, and possesses a dashing smile. She is, however, not of tall height being just 5 feet four inches (163 cm). But for whatever she lacks in height she makes up for in her body shape. She has a breast-waist-hipline of 34-26-39 inches (or 86-66-99 cm). She wears the 33C bra.

Misiak is not yet thirty which is a reason why her marriage shouldn’t be a burning issue, she has time by her side; she should explore the world. But then, this planet is full of all kinds of opinions and there are people who would feel that she is seven years past the perfect age for a woman to settle down (how marriage has come to be interchangeably used with settling down should a story for some other time). Taylor Misiak is not married.

Misiak’s relationship is not the clearest subject of her life. She doesn’t talk about this a lot. But we are aware of the rumor that she is dating Tony Yacenda, a director and writer whose credits include “American Vandal”, “Dave”, and “Trial by Media”. Taylor was part of the cast of all but the last show and they must have met and fallen in love when the two met on the set of “American Vandal”, the mockumentary which Yacenda co-created for Netlfix and which aired in 2017.

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