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Mike Vogel began his career as a model, working for Levi’s, the denim jeans making giant. Perhaps he was handsome enough, or bold enough, or had enough of whatever makes it so easy for models to have a seamless switch into acting as he soon made his acting debut and made even more success here than in his first trade. Here is all the information about the blue-eyed star.

Mike Vogel’s early life and background

Vogel was born in Abington Township, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the late 1970s. He was born to Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Kathy Vogel. Regular Americans you will say. But his grandparents weren’t regular, his two grandfathers were heroes who fought in the Second World War.

While growing up, Mike Vogel had many dreams one of which was to be a professional wrestler and he was in the wrestling team of his William Tennent High School, Warminster, Pennsylvania. Imagine slim, baby-faced Vogel a wrestler. It happened. Stuff happens. This one didn’t last.

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In Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, Mike Vogel began to show more than just interests in acting and modeling as he would travel to New York City from time to time to hold auditions.

Where is Mike Vogel?

Who is asking? It is against our policy to divulge any individual’s whereabouts to their creditors. If you have a business for him, his agent’s number should be what you need. There are many occasions in which jilted lovers from college (and even High School) harass the internet for someone’s whereabouts. And in most cases, they are not asking because they have a hidden treasure in store for their ex-sweetheart. We have learned to be conscious.

If you insist, Mike Vogel lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and children we must add. There are about 700 thousand souls living in the city’s metropolis. Good luck finding the actor. There are at least ten thousand handsome and slim white men with full beards and sideboards. The odds are not in your favor.

Or maybe by where is Mike Vogel, you are asking about the stage he is in his career. Which you will find out below.

Mike Vogel Career: Modeling, remakings, movies

Mike first appeared on screen in 2001 on Fox “Grounded for Life”. He went to be on the show for the next three years. By this time, Vogel had already made his name in the modeling field. It was, however, the acting part of his career that has kept his name in the news.

Mike Vogel can be termed the movie star of remakings as he has appeared in the 2003 television and modern-day remaking of “Wuthering Heights”, a novel by Emily Bronte published in 1847. He was in the remaking of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” in the same year. In 2016, he was part of the “Poseidon” cast, the remaking of “The Poseidon Adventure” of 1972.

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In 2007, Vogel played the role of in the film “The Deaths of Ian Stone”, part of the horror film festival “8 Films to Die For”. A year earlier, Mike Vogel featured in the romantic comedy “Caffeine”, and followed this the next year with an appearance in a horror movie Open Graves, shot in Spain in 2007 but didn’t get released until 2009.

BuddyTV ranked Mike Vogel number 96 on its list of “TV’s Sexiest Men of 2011”. 96 is way back on the list but he was considered and included. Considering thousands of men appeared on TV in the same year, this is one big feat.

How old is Vogel?

Mike Vogel was born on July 17, 1979. He is now forty years old. Looking at his handsome baby face, you wouldn’t have guessed that. Not only is he forty, he is very married. He got married aged 24 in 2003. He must have looked a like a teenager straight from High school then. Well, who is complaining? Certainly not his wife, Courtney the model. They have been married now for sixteen years and counting, no mean feat for a couple in show business.

The duo is blessed with three kids. The first Cassy Renee Vogel was born in 2007; the second, Charlee B. Vogel, was born in 2009; the third child, Gabriel James Vogel, born 2013. They live in Nashville, Tennessee. And no, we are not divulging their home address.

Image source: Hollywood Reporter



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