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Markie Post

Markie Post had trended a lengthy headline in an acting career that lasted for more than four decades. From her television appearances down to her first marriage that ended in a divorce, there are many things to talk about the star. What do you know of this thespian? How deep? Cause of her death? There is no knowledge of her that wouldn’t be improved upon by the diggings we have done here.

Here are five and facts for you.

1. Markie Post is the daughter of a popular scientist

We try not to deviate when we write about stars, but when you’re the daughter of a famous scientist, we bend the rule a little. Just a little. Markie was the daughter of Richard. F. Post, a famous physicist who made several contributions in plasma physics, nuclear fusion, and magnetic mirrors, all the things you know nothing about. Her mother, Marylee, was a poet. If there is ever a question on what the union between a scientist and a poet would produce, you already have a clue.

Note that Markie was the middle child in a family of three. She had two siblings, Rodney and Stephen, who are not into acting.

Markie Post was raised in Walnut Creek and Stanford, both in California. She schooled at Las Lomas High School and later moved to Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon. She also attended Pomona College. Born November 4, 1950.

2. The actress was in CHIPs

Markie Post made her acting debut in the crime drama television series “CHIPs” in 1979. Not to be mistaken with “CHIPs” the movie from 2017. The series began in 1977 and ran for six seasons up until 1983 on NBC. The series followed the lives of two officers who work on the California Highway Patrol. It was one episode that she featured in, playing the role of Roberta. But it was enough. She caught the cliched bug.

And 1979 was more than a debut year for the actress as she went on to appear in five other televisions series without a break. She was on CBS “Barnaby Jones” as Linda Woods. She appeared as Pamela Norris in “The Incredible Hulk” which aired on CBS. There was that appearance on ABC “The Lazarus Syndrome” and “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century” as Joella Cameron.

In 1981, she made her film, After this, it took her 17 years to return to making feature-length films again as she focused mainly on television series. She returned in “There’s Something Wrong With Mary” in 1998. Made with 23 million dollars, the movie went on to rake in around 370 million dollars. It is one of the best-received films of the year and one of the third or fourth highest-grossing film globally. Markie Post played the role of Sheila, the tite character’s mother.

In 1982, Markie Post played the character of Terri Michaels in the action television series “The Fall Guy” on ABC.  Markie then landed the role of Sally Leadbetter in the comedy film “Six Pack”.

So many roles came after her appearances in “The Fall Guy” and “Six Pack” which helped engrave her name in the hearts of many. In 1983, she appeared on 5 episodes of NBC “Match Game” before making a mark in the series “Fantasy Island” and “The A-Team”.

Markie experienced another major career breakthrough for the role she played on the television game show franchise “The $10,000 Pyramid”. She also starred on NBC television sitcom “Night Court” as Christine Sullivan.

The thespian was also on NBC police procedural drama televisions series “Chicago P.D” as Barbara “Bunny” Fletcher.  The actress appeared in an animated-superhero television series “Transformers Prime”. Markie had made other appearances in films.

3. Markie Post has married twice

Markie was first married to Stephen Knox whom she met at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. They married in 1971. It was a short marriage as the couple divorced the very next year. It was rather ironic the couple were able to stay together for a long time but couldn’t stand to stay together once they became man and wife. They never shared the reason why they divorced.

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Markie took her time and didn’t find love in the eyes of anyone. In fact, it took her ten years to finally remarry. This time, it was Hollywood actor and writer Michael A. Ross. You may not know Mr. Ross as an actor but he has made some popular shows including the series  “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” (2002) and “Rules of Engagement” (2007). Perhaps, he tries not to control anyone and plays by the rules, the marriage has now lasted for twenty-seven years.


The couple exchanged vows in February 1982, they exchanged their vows. The couple has two daughters, Katie and Daisy. We may call them kids because that is what they are to their parents. They are no kids in any other forms. The younger daughter turned 30 in March 2020.

4. The movie star had an estimated net worth in the millions

The estimated net worth of actors sometimes does not capture their true financial status. They gave a picture. And there are times when the actor’s income falls too far below their supposed ability – and there are also times when the earnings of an actor are so high and when compared with their credits appear as though they are stealing a living in Hollywood.

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In the case of Markie Post, if we take into record all the films and TV series she has appeared in since her debut, Markie’s net worth is nearly the right amount at around 12 million dollars. Not bad for a daughter of a scientist whose father might have envisioned her in a lab looking at a sickly mouse through some microscopic equipment and probably worrying about retirement funds.

5. Markie Post is 1.68 meters tall

Markie Post is 1.67 meters (that is 5 feet 6 inches) which is just one inch taller than the average female in Hollywood. Her bra size is 34C. She weighs around 50kg. Or 110 pounds. Weights are hardly stable. If tomorrow you see Markie struggling to squeeze through a mall door, we didn’t deceive you. Change happened. We ought to put weights in the past tense.

Bonus fact

Markie Post has had gigs as a producer. In 1993, she executively produced “Presidential Inaugural Celebration for Children” and earlier, in the mid-1970s, she was an associate producer in the TV series “Double Dare”.

Cause of Death:

Markie Post passed away on August 7 2021 after a long battle with cancer and so many unsuccessful chemo treatments. Her manager told the press. A member of her family released a statement describing Markie as someone who was kind and showed people how to live. Markie Post would surely be missed as many entertainers have continued to pour in their tributes.

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