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Eleanor Tomlinson

Eleanor Tomlinson sounds like the name a British aristocrat will bear. Eleanor Tomlinson JP, OBE, MP, etc. Not this Eleanor. She is just an actress and she is not just that. She began her career in 2005 and a couple of film credits to her name, perhaps she is just an actress. But even this cannot be carved on stone. A couple of hundreds of words below will tell. Here are all the facts you need to know about Jack the Giant Slayer’s Princess. We go.


Eleanor Tomlinson was born in London. If you know of any English star who wasn’t born in London, send me an email at on my name at this website’s name dot com. You won’t find a lot. Eleanor was born in May 1992 to a family of entertainers. Her mother is a singer, her father is an actor, and she has an elder brother who is an actor. It is in the veins.

Eleanor Tomlinson didn’t grow up in London. When she was a child, the family moved to a place (not a sentence) called East Riding Yorkshire. There, she attended Beverly High School. Eleanor is 27 years old.

Eleanor Tomlinson – career

Eleanor Tomlinson began her career in the film “Falling”. If the titles of first movies are the pointer to the future of an actress, we don’t know what to say falling. Three or four movies later, Tomlinson left the Isle and landed in Hollywood. Her first American film was “Alice In Wonderland” where she played the role of Fiona Chataway in 2010.

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Her most known act on TV is “Poldark” in which she played the role of Demelza Poldark in 43 episodes between 2015 and 2019. This title is special in that it was here that she met then-lover Atkinson, a relationship that did not exceed her time on the series. On her film aspect, Eleanor is most known for the fantasy adventure film “Jack the Giant Slayer”. This film made nearly 200 million dollars in the box office but this is a bomb because the budget is more than nearly 200 million dollars.

Eleanor Tomlinson’s relationship

Nothing mocks the efforts of a writer like writing about the relationship of unmarried celebrities. You just don’t know what they are up to. You can only write what they official confirm on Twitter or elsewhere. Everything else is pure speculation. Even the confirmed person in their life has no permanence. Confirmed in June, they could have broken up this morning. And you know that it is not as if you can say something like Theo James is Isidora Goreshter but she is cheating on him with Linda Evans. You can’t say things like this. You would be sued or one of their backers will just grab your site and force it off line.

The only thing we can say is take a look at Tomlinson’s hand – there is no ring on her finger. She is unmarried. She used to date a certain Ben Atkinson who is a stuntman, rider, and trainer whose work is to train horses for film, television and various live events. The two met on the set of British historical series called “Poldark” on BBC based on the novels by Winston Graham. In 2015. The two dated until 2017 when what happened happened and they went their separate ways.


As far as we see it, Ms. Tomlinson is romantically unattached. As far as we see. “See”.

Eleanor Tomlinson – network and body stats

Eleanor is 5 feet seven and a half inches tall or 1.71 in meters. She weighs (at some point or still now, these things are never cast on iron) 119 lbs (which is a decent 54 kg). She wears 34B bra size. If you have seen “Jack The Giant Slayer” you would swear her breasts are larger but don’t let that film fool you. Push up effect, dear.

Possessing a banana-shaped body, Eleanor’s boobs-waist-hips collabo is an impressive 34-24-34 inches (or 86-61-86 if centimeter is your thing).

Eleanor Tomlinson is that kind of actor whose net worth is nothing to ride home about to broadcast. This is a cliche but you got what we mean. Every site around seems to beat around the bush before giving a wild range. If you say Bill Gates is worth between 1 dollar and 100 billion dollars you haven’t helped a lot of people. So we did our own research and arrived at a figure.

Eleanor Tomlinson is worth around 600 thousand dollars.

Image source: BT TV



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