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When you were born in a madhouse, what those that make you? Her parents were actors and members of The Madhouse Company of London. Liza Weil is an actor, what else can be madder than making a living by doing everything possible to make people believe you are what you are not and getting paid for that? This is not a philosophy class.

Liza Weil – age and sister

Liza Weil was born in born in a place called Passiac in New Jersey in June 1977. She was born into a Reform Jewish family. Hers was a family that was on the move, touring with their Madhouse of London troupe, so much that it was a small miracle that Liza Rebecca Weil wasn’t born in an airplane.

At the age of seven, the family settled in a place called Lansdale, Pennsylvania. It was in this small town that she began to tow the career line of her parents, she began in to appear on stages of the local theatre. More than that, she began to miss classes because she had to travel to New York City for auditions. She is said to be an average student anyway. She graduated from North Penn High School in 1995 and Columbia University.

Liza Weil is 42 years old.

Liza Weil has a sister named Samantha Weil. She is also an actress but a small one. She was in “Gilmore Girls”. In 2005, she got married to Anthony Estevez and together they have three children, Eloise Estevez, Scarlett Estevez, and Ben Estevez. Scarlett Estevez is an actress who began by featuring in a national commercial at the age of 3. She is most known for her roles in “Daddy’s Home” and “Daddy’s Home 2”.


Liza Weil’s career can be said to have begun as early as she could see, walk and talk. As early as she could see the madhouse that was her parents business, as early as she could walk around on set, and early as she could talk the things she saw on stage. But that won’t sell in court – this is no official. In fact, this is what it is, gossip. The official debut for her on-screen is whatever you take it to be. She made her film debut in “Whatever” the independent teen drama from 1998. It was, however, in 1998, that she made her first appearance on any set. She played two different characters in the comedy series “The Adventures of Pete & Pete” on Nickelodeon.

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From 2000 up till 2007, she was in her most extensive time on TV. She started as a recurring member of the cast in season one of the comedy series in the WB network “Gilmore Girls” about the struggles between a single mother Lorelai Gilmore played by Lauren Graham and her daughter Rory Gilmore played by Alexis Bledel. Liza Weil played the role of Paris Geller, the enemy and later friend of Lory Gilmore, a role that became part of the main from season 2 up to the final season. She was in 94 episodes of the show. She reprised this role in 2016 in “Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life”.

Then in 2014, she began playing the role of Bonnie Winterbottom in the legal thriller “How to Get Away With Mother” on ABC. How do we explain this character in a few lines to fully cover all that she is on the series without living out something a fanatic of HTGAWM would see and shout blue murder. Well, we can say she is an associate attorney and an associate of and in a love-hate relationship with Annalise Keating, and who has an abused past and a rugged present. So far, she has appeared in 75 episodes of the show.

Her other TV endeavors which haven’t been this huge include “Grey’s Anatomy”, “West Wing”, “Bunheads”, “Private Practice”, “Scandal”, etc. Her film aspect is the smaller of her screen credits in prominence if not number. She was in the horror film “Smiley” in 2012.

Liza Weil – husband and relationship

Liza Weil is no longer a married woman. She was married to Paul Aldestein the actor who is most known for playing the role of Paul Kellerman in Fox’s sensational series “Prison Break” and as Cooper Freedman in “Private Practice” on ABC. He was also in “Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce” – and men also act in this series if you never knew – and in “I Feel Bad” on NBC. The two got married in a Jewish ceremony in 2006. They have a daughter together, born to them in April 2006 and named Josephine Elizabeth Weil-Adelstein.

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Liza filed for divorce in March 2016 citing the ambiguous “irreconcilable difference”. The divorce was finalized in 2017 but even before her annulment, she began dating the actor and fellow cast member of “How To Get Away With Murder” Charlie Weber. They broke up earlier this year.

Net worth

Analyzing the income of people way richer than I and saying how that this might not be enough and that stuff. Liza Weil is worth three million dollars. Period.

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