Aisha Hinds: Age, Family, Career, Is She Gay?

Aisha Hinds

Aisha Hinds is the kind of actress fans love to see both on-screen and off-screen. The actress who danced her way into Hollywood has appeared in many TV shows and movies and is still doing her thing. Sources say she lives a private life, but our little birds have shreds of information about her life, career, all of which are more than just speculations.

Here are all the things you need to know about Aisha Hinds.

Aisha Hinds: Age and Family

Aisha Hinds was born into a middle-class family on December 13, 1975, in Brooklyn, New York. She is an African-American. Little is known about her parents except that they are of Grenadian descent. No one knows the names of her parents or siblings.

Aisha enjoyed dancing with her siblings growing and by the time she entered High School, she was already a professional tap dancer. However, her junior high school teacher saw that she has other talents that needed to be explored so she was encouraged to study at the New York School for Performing Arts, which she did. A move that changed her life.

It was during her study in New York, her acting talent was sharpened and Aisha launched an acting career immediately after graduation.

Aisha Hinds is 46 years old.

Is Aisha Hinds Gay?

Aisha Hinds played the role of a lesbian named Carolyn Hill who was married to Dr. Alice Calvert played by the beautiful blonde Samantha Mathis in the series “Under The Dome”. Aisha was part of the three seasons that made up the series on CBS between 2012 and 2015 – as a regular cast member and then in a recurring capacity (some other cast members include Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, and Natalie Zea – actors we have on our database). Aisha’s portrayal of Carolyn Hill was strong, assured, and convincing.

In the Fox series “9-1-1”, Aisha played the role of Henrietta “Hen” Wilson, a firefighter and paramedic who is married to a woman Karen Wilson, placed by the black actress Tracie Nicole Thoms. The character Aisha used to be lovers with a prisoner named Eva played by Abby Brammell.

Because Aisha Hinds plays the role of a gay lover more than once, because she played it so well, and because she is not open about her relationship despite being of an age where many of her peers have navigated the uncertain waters of relationships, marriages, and divorces, people would speculate.

So they ask, is Aisha Hinds Gay? She has not answered the question for years and she didn’t have to. However, looking back, Aisha gave what is more than a clue. She was a subject of an image in which she was holding hands with an African-American man and being close the way lovers would.

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At first, she didn’t disclose the identity of the man she held hands publicly with. It has now emerged that the man is Silky Valenté, described as “an event host, TV personality and entrepreneur.” She later told Essense that “That definitely was a day of unexpected joy.”

“He completely surprised me,” she continued. “He did it on my birthday. Because of 2020, I had no plans to have a plan. I was pulling back the plans.”

But even without the events of November 2020, we will not be led in the noose of make-believe to draw a conclusion about the real-life orientation of an actor. Actors are professionals, trained to make you believe that they are what they portray. We have seen successful drug lords, assassins, vampires, people whose soul is full of evil, hatred, and destruction but are nothing like that in real-life. If we cannot ask if Wood Harris is a hooligan due to the kind of roles he acts, then we shouldn’t look for gay water from the stone of Aisha Hinds’ acts.

To answer the question directly, Aisha Hinds is not a lesbian until she comes out to say she is. Her continuous portrayal as a lesbian on the screen can only mean one thing: she is a professional who is given a role and kills it with a touch of genius.

And the marriage!

On May 21, 2022, Aisha and Silky got married in a glamourous wedding tagged “Cloud Nine” in the Isle of Spice, Grenada. The wedding featured a yacht ride, breath-taking fashion, and a star-studded guest list that boasts of DeWanda Wise, Yvonne Orji, Alano Miller, etc.

VIDEO: Actress Aisha Hinds Ties The Knot In Grenada! - Sis2Sis


Aisha Hinds’ career began as Carla Howell in ABC’s police procedural series, “NYPD Blue” in 2003 (this could even be the show where she mastered the art of keeping secrets). She waited until 2005 before having her major big-screen role in the film “Assault on Precinct 13”.

From 2008 to 2010, she portrayed the character of Miss Jeanette in the fantasy drama series “True Blood” on HBO where she featured in only 8 episodes of the 80 episodes that the series was made of based on the novels by Charlaine Harris. In 2010, she portrayed the character of Lieutenant Maureen Mason in the drama series “Detroit 1-8-7” on ABC.

The year 2013 proved to be a major decisive year in Aisha’s career as she began playing the role of lesbian Carolyn Hill in the Steven Spielberg book-based series “Under the Dome”.

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Aisha has featured in other projects such as “Prison Break” as Guard Cowler, “Shots Fired” on ABC where she was Pastor Janae James, then as a recurring character, Violetta Wallace in the TV crime-drama series “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.” on USA Network.

Portraying the character of Henrietta Wilson in the TV series “9-1-1” on Fox expanded her fame. In 2014, Hinds received her first Black Reel Award nomination for her role in Gun Hill as Arlene Carter on Black Entertainment Television.

In January 2022, “9-1-1” series began to run on USA Network. It would present an opportunity for new blocks of audiences to watch Bassett who won an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series in 2020.

Aisha Hinds the activist, the priest

Outside of Hollywood, Aisha is an activist rooting for racial equality amongst others. She is an ambassador for the “Innocence Project,” an initiative that raises funds for the welfare of innocent black people that were wrongly convicted due to racial prejudice or lack of funds to get an attorney.

In October 2021 it emerged that Hinds took the position of a priest when she officiated at the wedding of Netflix American comedic “Dear White People” star Ashley Blaine Featherson who married longtime bae Darroll Jenkins in Santa Susana, California in September. The bride was full of praise for Hinds’ (whom she referred to as “one of my best friends”) performance at the altar.

“Aisha, just the way she opened the ceremony was absolutely breathtaking. It was her quote unquote script that she had that was perfectly tailored to Darroll and I. There was so much thought, so much love infused in it. It was such a beautiful moment to have one of my nearest and dearest friends, someone who’s seen Darroll and I go through all the ups and downs to get to this journey, be right there with us. We formed this kind of trifecta up there and it was really beautiful.”

Net worth

Aisha Hinds has been acting since the year 2003, appearing in minor and major roles. Looking at our database, almost every actor is a millionaire with five million dollars being the mode figure. Aisha’s net worth is put above this.

Aisha Hinds has an estimated net worth of 6 million dollars.

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