Kevin Perjurer – Age, Career, Facts About The Defunctland Creator

Kevin Perjurer

Kevin Perjurer is a writer and director, known for Debunkedland (2018), Defunctland (2017), and DefunctTV (2018). he has contributed so much in the entertainment world and here is everything you need to know about him.

How old is Kevin Perjurer?

Kevin Perjurer is a writer, director, and also a YouTube personality known for creating the YouTube web series Defunctland, although Kelvin Perjurer’s age isn’t that known to his fans or blogs, from his facial appearance one might guess him being in his thirties (30s).

Kelvin Perjurer the Creator

In 2017, Kelvin Perjurer created “Defunctland” a YouTube web series that documents the history of discontinued amusement parks and amusement park attractions. The show presents the history and downfall of theme parks and attractions from around the world, most notably those of Disney, Universal, and Six Flags. Kelvin also acts as the host of the show. The show was premiered during the early month of 2017, and has generated praise for its extensive research and television-quality production values. The show channel has amassed up to over 800,000 subscribers, the show currently has fifty-five episodes since its production to date.

In 2017 Kevin Perjurer uploaded a video called “Defunctland VR: The Sorcerer’s Hat” which shows off the initial prototype of the park. A year later, he made a post on his website about the VR Park to explain that it was still happening, as well as show off some of the progress up to that point.

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After the successful run of Defunctland, the first spin-off of the web series was created, “Debunkedland”, by Kevin Perjurer and Noah Randall. Hosted by Randall, the series focused on debunking various rumors and myths about theme parks and theme park attractions. The initial run of the series lasted for only two episodes back in April 2018 but was rebooted with a third episode on the Themed Alternative YouTube channel. A new incarnation of the series was premiered on October 24, 2019.

In 2018, the second spin-off of Defunctland was created, “DefunctTV”, premiered in mid-year of 2018. It was co-created by Kevin Perjurer and Heath Jinkins, and hosted by Perjurer. The YouTube show takes a look at the history of defunct television shows, their inception, and what eventually led to their downfall. The first season of the show includes seventeen episodes while the second season which was premiered in 2019 includes six episodes.

During the summer of 2020, Defunctland released a video from the Space Stage: A Halyx Story, a feature-length documentary about Halyx, a space-themed band that performed in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland Space Stage in 1981, the show includes having interviews with Gary Krisel, Mike Post, Jymn Magon, and members of Halyx. The film was produced and edited by Kevin Perjurer and directed by Matthew Serrano.

Kevin Perjurer’s Personal Life

Even as a YouTube star Kevin Perjurer is, nothing much is known about his personal life. One will say Kevin has succeeded in keeping his personal life locked up in his drawer, away from the eyes of the public.

Is Kevin single or married?

It is often said that the best way to talk about the personal life of celebrities is to avoid the topic totally. Is he in a relationship? No one knows for sure. Well if he is not in a relationship then he might be probably looking for the right lady or decide to be single at the moment.

What is Kevin Perjurer’s Net Worth?

In today’s world, most actors are well recognized from their social media accounts or pages which tends to generate funds for them. Being a sensational actor on YouTube Kevin Perjurer will be aiming at least seven figures. Well, to put it better, Kevin has a growing net worth.

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