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Nina Lopez-Corrado-

Traditionally, movie producers and directors start from acting and grow into filmmaking, but there are few in the industry that didn’t take that route. Nina’s memory about movie-making was at a very young age with her brother, they would act and produce short films in VHS which her brother would edit and convert. Nina never thought of movie making as a career, she was more of a dancer and choreographer who wanted to study law while in high school.

Coming from one of her dance performances with her mom, they decided to check out the school his brother was planning on seeking admission, and that was where Nina saw all those fancy equipment for film making and she fell in love. Long story short, she stole her brother’s dreams.

Many people don’t know the name of their favorite actors or the cologne they use until it needs replacing, so it’s no surprise if you don’t know Nina Lopez Corrado. Hopefully, you’re a little bit curious now to know who Nina is or why you should know her. Here is everything you need to know, the why comes after that.

Nina Lopez-Corrado- Was a Dancer as a Child

Nina was born and raised in a mobile home parked in Clinton Township in great lake state, Michigan. She grew up with three siblings (two boys and a girl), her mother, Helen, and her father.

At a tender age, Nina was a dancer and choreographer, she performed on stage a lot and for a moment it was all she wanted to do.

Nina attended Chippewa valley high school, Michigan, and got her first degree in film making at Full Sail University, where she produced several short films and music videos. She also graduated from Warner Brothers Directing Workshop, before going to Los Angeles in 2007 to start her career. She met with Chris Long, director of “The Mentalist”, who she worked with as a mentee.

Nina Lopez-Corrado Has her prints on your favorite shows

Chris Long’s decision to take Nina under his wings is a blessing she’ll forever be grateful for. It was with the help of Chris that made her first film “Mindfield”, an act he took to prove that Nina is a full-fledged director. Chris financed the film, his wife, Erin Donovan, wrote the script, and the whole crew of “The Mentalist” came together to make Nina’s dream a reality. The movie was an opportunity that shone the light on her for all to see.

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Today, Nina is popularly known for directing several episodes of “Supernatural” from 2016 to 2019, “Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” from 2017 to 2020, and “A Million Little Things” from 2018 to 20121. Other notable works of Nina include “The Flash” in 2017, “The Mentalist” 2015, “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” 2017, “Once Upon a Time” 2018, and “S.W.A.T.” 2018 to 2019.

Nina’s outstanding skills as a director have earned her positions at reputable production companies like Warner Bros. Entertainment (2008 – present) and CBS (2014 – present), with over 150 episodes of Tv series. Nina also worked with some companies before her breakthrough, some of which are Freestyle, Fx Network, and Glamour Reel Moments.

Nina Has Won Multiple Awards

The film “Mindfield”, with the help of Chris Long and his crew, got Nina nominated for several awards. She won the best new director award at the 2012 Madrid international film festival, the best short film award at the Chinese American film festival, and the best director and best short film award at Lewiston Auburn Film Festival.

In the United States, “Mindfield” was an official selection at New York, Boston, Newport Beach, Detroit, Las Vegas, and Mexico international film festivals. Nina is also the founding partner of Broken Toy Works Inc. with Julian Acosta.

Nina Lopez-Corrado is a Wife

Nina is very passionate about her work and her family. Her personal life is not so secret but she doesn’t go about announcing it either. Based on information gathered, Nina has been seeing someone for a very long time, long before she became the woman of the people. She got engaged in 203 and finally said yes to her husband, Julian Acosta, who is also an actor, in 2014. Julian was also a cast member in “A Million Little Things”.

Nina and her husband founded the Puerto Rican Education Foundation (Non-Profit Organisation) to grant children scholarships to further their education. There is no information concerning Nina’s net worth.

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