Jon Heder: Five Questions About The Star Answered

Jon Heder
Jon Heder arrives at the Los Angeles premiere of "Ghostbusters" at the TCL Chinese Theatre on Saturday, July 9, 2016. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Jon Heder became famous for his role in the film Napoleon Dynamite. The star has over the years showed that his strong acting displayed in the movie was not a fluke. You have questions about Jon’s rise to fame, here we provide answers. We go.

1. Who is Jon Heder?

Jon Heder was born in Fort Collins, Colorado to James Heder and Helen in October 1977. His father is a medical doctor. When Jon was two years old, his parents relocated to Salem, Oregon where he attended at the Walker Middle School in Salem. During his time at the school, Jon was on the swimming team and he was also a member of the Drama Association where he started to develop and nurture the dream of becoming an actor. In 1996, he graduated from South Salem High School and moved to Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

At BYU, Jon majored in 3-D Animation and later appeared in Jared Hess’s short film “Peluca”, he later reprised the same role in the film “Napoleon Dynamite”.

Does he have a twin brother? Yes, Jon has an identical twin named Dan Heder, three more brothers and one sister. Similarly, Jon’s twin brother in the entertainment industry as worked as an animator in the film “Monster House”.

Jon is also the nephew of former NFL player Vai Sikahema

2. Which film made Jon Heder famous?

From what seemed to be a campus drama titled “Peluca” which later went viral in local film festivals and competitions, Jon’s film career began to take shape. Before he reprised the role of Seth in “Napolean Dynamite” he appeared in the film “Wrong brothers” as an ordinary audience member.

Jon later starred in the American romantic comedy fantasy film “Just like Heaven” as Darryl. His works on the screen were not going unnoticed as he received several nominations for his work. His role in 2004 “Napolean Dynamite” won him many awards including the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Sequence, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Dance Scene, Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie, Hissy Fit plus several nominations.

Jon made a career transition to the TV, lending his voice in the animated “Legend of Korra” on Nickelodeon, “How I Met Your Mother”. Jon even cohosted an episode of WWE Raw in 2010 and went into the ring to fight as part of a six-man tag-team. Yes, he has big balls and that’s not all, he also hosted Saturday Night Live in 2005.

3. Is Jon Heder married?

Jon Heder is married. He met his wife Kristen Bales at Brigham Young University and the duo dated for a while before tying the knot in 2002. Jon has a large family just as he was raised. He has four kids together with Kristen. Who was Jon dating before meeting Kristen?

The answer is simple, water under the bridge.

4. How much Money does Jon Heder have?

Jon entered the show business in 2000, even though it was just in minor roles which is no shame as there is always a beginning, he grew in his chosen career. He has gone on to star in high budgeted films and has been handsomely paid.  He is quite rich. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Wait? Don’t be disappointed, he is doing better than most people that entered the acting business in the ‘90s. He is currently 41 years and there is time for him to work very hard for a large retirement package. Or, you can be disappointed if you want. It is not like you are richer than he is.

5. What religion does he practice?

We don’t usually talk about the religion of the people we write about but for Jon, we are interested in his faith because you keep bothering Google about it. Jon was raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, he is still a member and has not abandoned the assembly of the brethren. In fact, Jon took his faith deeper when he traveled to Japan, spending two years in Tokyo as a Mormon missionary.

He strictly adheres to Mormon practices of no caffeine, no swear words and no alcohol. And during the 2012 presidential election, he supported Mitt Romney his brother in Christ.

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