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Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster is the actress you probably know as Rachel Meyers from NBC’s Saved by the Bell: The New Class from the 1990s. She has gone on to feature in dozens of TV and films. Here, using five of the most asked questions about the star, we tell you all the things you need to know about the What About Brian star.

How old is Sarah Lancaster

Sarah Lancaster was born in February 1980 as Sarah Michelle Lancaster.  She was born in Overland Park, Kansas to Michael Lancaster a real estate businessman and Barbara Michael a homemaker and teacher. At nine, her parents moved to Mission Viejo, in Southern California with Sarah and her younger brother Daniel.

It was in this new place that Sarah did something about her career. She began attending acting classes and landed a talent agent. Before her fourteenth birthday, she landed an acting role, going on to play Rachel Meyers, one of her most iconic roles on screen for a large chunk of her teenage period, largely disrupting her high school education in Newhart Jr. High in Mission Viejo, California.

Sarah Lancaster is 39 years old.

Where is Sarah Lancaster from?

Sarah Lancaster is from Overland Park, Kansas where she was born and grew up in. Or she is from Mission Viejo, California where she later moved to and attended High School and where her parents still live which is also her place of wedding. Or she is from Los Angeles where she moved to after “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” and where she now resides. It all depends on where you are while asking this question.

If you are asking this from England where her husband comes from, the answer is simple – Sarah is from the United States of America.

In a way, Sarah Lancaster is not from the United States at all. If you knew any sort of history, you would have heard of the War of the Roses, a bitter long-drawn struggle over the British monarchy. This war was a major inspiration for George R.R Martins creation of the “Game of Thrones” series. The Lancasters inspiring the Lannisters House.

It is possible that Sarah Lancaster traced her history to the Lancasters in medieval England.

Is Sarah Lancaster married?

The star is married. She got married to Matthew Jacobs in 2011. He is a British attorney (not to be confused with Matthew Jacobs the British actor, writer, and filmmaker. The two met in 2009, dated quietly then tied the knot in Mission Viejo, California.

For her wedding, Sarah got a sentimental wedding gift from her parents, a gold mesh heirloom bracelet owned by her grandmother and engraved with her grandparents’ wedding date. 

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This union is blessed with two male kids – the first child, Oliver Michael Jacobs born on June 29, 2011, and the second child, Julian Turks Jacobs born on January 28, 2017.

Sarah Lancaster’s career – who played Lisa on Scrub?

Sarah Lancaster’s debut acting credit turns out an arguable finest moment on screen. She was Rachel Meyers in NBC’s “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” where she started in a recurring role in season one before graduating to main roles in the second up to fourth seasons.

After she saved the bell, Sarah went on to appear in smaller TV roles. Between 2002 and 2006, Lancaster played the role of Lisa the Gift Shop Girl in “Scrubs” the medical comic drama on NBC.

In 2006 when she appeared in the comic drama “What About Brian” as Marjorie Seaver on ABC. After this, she moved to NBC’s “Chuck” the spy/comedy series and played the main role of Ella, the older brother of the title character Chuck Bartowski. She featured in all five seasons.

While Sarah Lancaster has made most of her appearances on TV, nearly three dozens, there are a few successful film appearances. There was “The Judge” from 2014 in which she played the lead’s wife.

What is Sarah Lancaster’s net worth?

Sarah Lancaster was born blonde. If you have watched most of her screen appearances, you would have mostly seen a beautiful brunette woman. All dyes, not her real hair. All part of her career as an actress. A career she was in since 13. A career that has made her a millionaire.

Sarah Lancaster is worth two million dollars.

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