Five Interesting Facts About Jefferson Moore

Jefferson Moore

Many people know Jefferson Moore as an actor, screenwriter, and director who is in the limelight in the entertainment industry but few know about his trajectory to the top.

Jefferson Moore wasn’t like some regular movie stars that have only tried their hands on acting and it is working for them. Jefferson Moore had to joggle works by being a model, a bouncer, a sales representative, an inventor, a manager in a restaurant, a muralist before he finally became a professional entertainer.

There is definitely a lot of facts to know about the story of Jefferson Moore and his breakthrough in the entertainment industry and we are here for it.

Jefferson Moore is 35 Years Old

As of the year 2021, he is 35 years. Jefferson Moore was born on the 12th day of May 1986 in the United States of America. Much information is not unraveled about his siblings, parents, or the vicinity where he grew up in.
Jefferson went through his college at Western Kentucky University (WKU) and ventured in into sales after dropping out. The reason for his dropping out is not yet known neither is the number of years he spent in the school.

Jefferson Moore Is Married

Jefferson Moore is married to Kelly Moore. They both met each other while he was at Western Kentucky University (WKU). As of that time, his wife was already looking for a means to get into the entertainment industry and was having many auditions. It was during one of these auditions that Jefferson accompanied his wife and hijacked the role of an actor who didn’t show up for the role assigned to him.


After attending the Western Kentucky University, Jefferson went into sales and modeling until he accidentally came across acting. His career in the entertainment industry is described as an accidental one as he never thought of becoming an actor prior to the day he did act. His acting career began when he went to an audition at a theater with his wife, who was actually the one auditioning.

While the audition was going on, a director pleaded with him to read the lead lines for them as the person assigned to the role didn’t come through. Jefferson was to later end up playing the role and has since then not slowed down, appearing in some stage works. He later switched to camera roles in some music videos, short films, and television commercials. It was however not an easy ride for Jefferson Moore as he only got his first major role nine years later when he acted in a feature film.

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This didn’t continue, however, as his chronic shyness which he had since childhood became an affliction that he struggled with. He decided to write, edit, produce and direct his own works and founded Kelly’s Filmworks Ltd, a movie company named after his wife and co-founder, Kelly. The company is also in charge of handling its own distribution.

As a token of love to his wife, there is always a character named Kelly in all the films and works he has ever written and produced. As an actor, he featured in the 1992 music video ‘Feed Jake’, ‘Volunteers’ 1993, ‘Brotherly Love’, a 2000 television movie, and many others too numerous to mention.

As a producer and writer, he has written and directed many other movies and documentaries. His most recent involvement in both acting and producing is in ‘Meeting Kate’, 2021 movies. He has been editing works with the pseudonym Pate Walters. He argued that it helps him stay focused and not get carried away by the numerous credits.

Net Worth

It is okay if you are so much interested in knowing the net worth of this actor, director, writer who has also tried his hands on many other professions. As of 2021, the net worth of Jefferson Moore is estimated to be approximately $5 million to $10 million. Being one of the highly-rated young producers and actors, he has been tipped to make much fortune out of the entertainment industry given his massive skills.


– His acting heroes are Sylvester Stallone, Jeff Bridges, and Michael Keaton.
– Turned down a major role in first-grade school because he was always shy.
– His first appearance on television was when he was contesting on a Louisville, Kentucky high school quiz that was named ‘Hi-Q’.
– He is a very big fan of Chicago sports.

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