Maritza Mendes- Five Facts You Need To Know

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Maritza Mendes

Maritza Mendes became known as an actress after her role as a stripper in the movie titled, Hell’s Kitchen in 1998. She acted alongside Hollywood diva, Angelina Jolie.
There is some information about her that we do not have at the time this article was written, nevertheless, we would do our best to share all that we know as it concerns her life and career.


Maritza Mendes was born in the year 1966, on the first day of May. She was born in the city of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico, and she is 55 years old at the moment. Her ethnicity is multiracial, given the fact that she is of mixed race.

There is no information about her family members. No records are available for that. No mention of her parents, who they are, what they do, or where they live. No available information concerning her siblings or any other relatives. It must be because this information has been kept private by Maritza, for the public not to have access to it.

Also, her educational background and qualifications are not known.


Maritza Mendes is a Mexican actress who does hardcore movies. She has featured in movies like; Bedtime Fantasies (1994) which is also called Marilyn Chambers Bedtime Stories, where she played the role of an actress, it was directed by Ernest G. Sauer, Hell’s Kitchen(1998) as a stripper, it was directed and produced by Tony Cinciripini, the movie is about a gang that went out to rob but things went south in the process and one of them died accidentally.

Johnny (Mekhi Phifer), one of the robbers, had to do time in jail for five years, upon his release, he tried to change by becoming a better man. He decided to train to become a boxer. His dead partner’s sister (Angelina Jolie) wanted revenge and she asked her boyfriend to kill him, but the guy knows Johnny was not at fault, he couldn’t kill him because of that.


Most celebrities who do not want to jinx their relationship always do their best by hiding it from the prying eyes of the public, while others just like it low-key. That is, separating their personal life from their work life, to be more focused on the pursuit of their career. Maritza Mendes is not known to have flaunted any of her love interests for all we know. She has kept that part of her life away from everyone.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that she has never been with anyone, it is safe to say she has had lovers over the years but there has been no mention of an engagement or marriage. Aside from the one time, she hinted on her Twitter account on the 21st of October, 2019 that she has been in a toxic relationship for 20 years but after she watched Safari live in 2016, everything changed. She wanted out, to be free and live her life.

According to Maritza, she eventually got out, got fit, went on to write a book, she also wanted to take driving lessons (which she must have done by now).
Nothing else was said about the person with whom she said she was in a relationship. Right now, all we know is that she is not in a relationship with anyone, so she is single.


Maritza Mendes has brown eyes, her hair color is black. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall (170cm), her body measurement is 34 for her Bust size, while the cup size is DD, her waist size is 24, her hips is 40, she has an average body type, large breasts as her unique feature, and her shoe size is 8.5.


Maritza Mendes’s source of income is from her acting career. How much she is worth can not be ascertained at the moment, but it can only be estimated. Her net worth is estimated to be around the sum of $1.4 million.

Another fact about Maritza Mendes you need to know is that she is an adult model and an accountant. Aside from her given birth name, she is also called “Mexican Lust” as an alias, this would be in respect to the kind of movies she features in, which are mainly blue films.