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The brilliant acting of James Remar is breathtaking, while the thespian is yet to take a break in a career that is clocking its 4th decade, we have decided to take a look. And here are eight facts about him.

1. James Remar is in his ‘60s

James Remar was born on 31st December 1953, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA to mental health state officer Elizabeth Mary and attorney father S. Roy Remar. His paternal grandparents were Russian Jewish immigrants who settled in New England. Little is known about his upbringing nor is there any mentions of whether he had siblings he grew up with.

However, if one can make a general conclusion about James childhood, it would be like that of a kid raised in a middle-class family who grew up in the height of the cold war.

2. James Remar studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater New York

While at Newtown North high school, James started developing an interest in acting. When his parents saw the flame in him, they did not stifle it by choosing another career path for him, rather they enrolled their son at the Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater in New York City.

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It was in this school that he met Sanford Meisner who was named after an acting instruction known as the Meisner technique. It was at the Neighborhood Playhouse School that James honed his acting skills which later prepared him for Hollywood successes.

3. He made his film debut four decades ago

James made his debut four decades ago in the 1978 film “On the Yard” playing the character of Larson. This was immediately followed by the film “The Warriors” where he portrayed the character of Ajax. James focused mainly on film projects than in television series, and almost every film he appeared in during his early days in the acting industry achieved commercial gains.

He worked with film director Walter Hill more than twice as both made history in the film “48 Hrs” and “Wild Bill”. James also played recurring characters on “Sex and the City”, “Third Watch” and “7th Heaven”. The actor has flourished mostly on villain roles with many arguing that those roles gave him more fame.

He made his television appearance in the year 1981 in the TV series “Hill Street Blues” as Cooper. He was also in the series “The Mystic Warrior” as Pesla. These were one episode appearance except for the series “Dexter” where he appeared in 96 episodes playing the role of Harry Morgan. He was also in the TV series “The Huntress” as Tiny Bellos.

In all, James Remar has appeared in around 80 films his last (as the time of writing this) being in the 2019 film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.  While he made 70 appearances in television series of varying success including “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “City On a Hill” where he played the character of Richy Ryan.

4. James Remar is happily married

James Remar married more than 30 years ago and has remained in his marriage even when most of his mates in Hollywood has married twice or thrice. The actor married Atsuko Itsuki in 1984 after they dated for a while.

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Together, they have two children Jason Remar and Lisa Remar who are adults now. While the actor has tried to avoid media drama linking celebrities to having an extra-marital affair, one name looms seem to have appeared larger whenever his name is mentioned and that it the name of Yuka Kojima. The actor has not made any comments about Yuka Kojima.

5. The actor’s net worth is $6 million

So much acting credits, impressive net worth. James has been in the acting business for most of his career and his net worth reflects a man who has worked tirelessly for the dollar bill. Internet sources put his net worth to be around $6 million dollars. While he has not announced his retirement from the acting industry, $6 million dollars might not be his retirement package as he is still active in the industry.

6. He is also a voice actor

Aside from his numerous TV roles, James is also a voice artist. He has voice-acted many shows such as “Ben 10: Ultimate Alien”, “The Legend of Korra”, and “Young Justice”. Other include “Justice League Unlimited”, the 2005 video game “The Warriors” and the 2011 film “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”.

7. James Remar has been nominated for several awards

In 2009, James Remar was nominated in the Screen Actors Guild Awards for his Outstanding Performance in a Drama Series, he did not win the Award. In 2011, he was nominated for the same award, same category but he did not also win the award. James was nominated for the two more times for the same award but went home empty-handed. Not that he needs the award to show he’s a veteran. But he has won the Screen Actors Guild award for best comedy ensemble Sex and the City and a Saturn Award for Lifetime Achievement

8. The actor is 1.78m tall

James could model if he wanted to but acting suits him perfectly well. He has a great looking body and is 1.78 meters or 5 feet 8 inches tall. This is not a bad man on the street, but in Hollywood where the average actor is 5 feet 10 inches tall, this falls a little short.

No one is complaining.

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