Who The Heck Is Gage Marsh?

A lot of stars have various reasons for venturing into the movie industry. For Gage Marsh, it is his obsession with the feeling he gets after leaving a theater, the expansion of empathy and emotion gushing from every corner of the theater.

So who is this romantic? Gage Marsh is a Canadian all-around actor who has found a sweet spot for himself in the industry. Gage is best known for playing Davis Crawford in “iZombie” (2018). Although, he said he regrets not getting the opportunity to play the undead.

Here is everything we know about him.

How old is Gage Marsh

Gage march was born in British Columbia Coast, Canada. He grew up with his parents Marsh and Heather, he was raised with a sister, Willow, and two brothers Seger and River.

He attended Point Grey Secondary School where he started sharpening his acting skills. As a natural performer, Gage soon found himself drawn to film and television as a career.

Gage Marsh was born in 1998. He is 21 years old.

Gage Marsh – Netflix + HBO

At the age of 5, after seeing the famous “Pirates of the Caribbean” Series for the first time, Gage decided to become an actor.

Gage made his professional debut in 2017, taking on both dramatic and comedic roles in “iZombie”. Other credited movies include Alex in “You Me Her” (2019-2020), Boyfriend in “Nancy Drew” (2019), Justin Hoyt in “Big Sky” (2020-2021), and Steven Forbes in “Batwoman” (2020).

Over the years Gage Marsh has worked with networks such as Netflix, CW, and HBO, as an up-and-coming young actor.

Gage still performs for small gatherings

Gage Marsh began honing his skills as a little boy through musical theatre and dance performances, as well as improv groups, and school plays.

When Gage finally got to the big screen, he did throw away his first love, theater. When he can, he performs for small gatherings. In the past, he performed as an exporter at Cactus Club Cafe, a barista at Starbucks, and an Expo at Cactus Club Cafe.

Whenever Gage is not on stage or flipping through script page after page, he travels, spends time with his family, or jumps at the chance to invest quality energy with his folks and other relatives.

How tall is Gage Marsh

Gage is very young and hasn’t decked his height just yet. As of 2020, Gage Marsh towers at 1.70 meters or 5 feet  7 Inches.

He weighs approximately 150 lbs or 68 Kg.

Image source: ABC/Darko Sikman