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Erin Yvette

Many Hollywood stars are venturing into voice acting and but not many of them are award-winning voice actors. But it’s not about the awards for sure, it is also about winning hearts. There are a few of them who are massively recognized in this aspect of the entertainment industry and one of those is Erin Yvette.

Erin Yvette isn’t just a voice actress, there are lots of other things to know about her life, career, and her contributions to the growth of the entertainment industry and voice acting specifically. Here are the things we know about the voice actress, Erin Yvette.

Erin Yvette- Birth, Upbringing And Education

Erin Yvette was born as Erin Yvette Ashe on the 5th day of August 1992 in Petaluma, California, the United States of America. Much isn’t revealed about her parents but according to Erin Yvette, she was raised by her parents who were actors and had an undying love for theatre as of then. Due to her parent’s influence, Erin Yvette developed a flair for theatre from her childhood and was performing on stage in her kindergarten and elementary school days. She however made her first major appearance in the theatre at the age of 12 when she involved herself with a local opera house called Cinnabar Theater where she performed in more than 30 of their operas.

She decided to pursue the dream of theatrical performance while she was performing as Snoopy in ‘You are a Good Man Charlie Brown‘ at the Cinnabar Theater. To realize this dream, Erin Yvette had to move to New York for further studies after graduating from High School.

For her education in college, Erin Yvette first started off with New York University, Steinhardt for Vocal Performance where she was specialized in music theatre. She later decided that Musical theatre isn’t the best for her and moved to the University of California, Berkeley where she majored in Theater and Performance studies.

Erin Yvette- Career

At a young age, Erin Yvette had started appearing in theatres and shows but was to take a different part after her graduation from school. Erin started making voiceovers for games and animations which was somehow alien to her at first as she was involved with a public appearances in theaters before.

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She landed her first major voice-over role that made her popular when she voiced Molly for the Telltale game, The Walking Dead. The character of Molly in the video games was that of a young and lonely female survivor during an apocalypse who displays greats skills in agility, climbing, and combat. Though sometimes she appeared rude, she did all she could to protect those she loves.

After her voice-over got the Telltale Games Series in 2014, she went on to voice-over in other video games such as Oxenfree, The Wolf Among Us, and many others.

Her decision to try voice acting was hugely influenced by her then-boyfriend, Nick Herman who was a director at Telltale. Nick Herman advised her to go into voice acting after he recorded Glenn. After much thoughts, she sent in her audition which was reviewed and she landed her first voice over deal to voice Molly in The Walking Dead. Ever since then, she has taken an active part in the voicing of other games and animations.


As at the time she voiced Molly in The Walking Dead game, she was dating Nick Herman a director at Telltale. According to reports by the year 2019, they had already tied the knots.

Net Worth

How much do you think Erin Yvette will be worth given the talks about her fame and works? Well, her net worth has been reportedly growing ever since she made her debut in the entertainment industry. At least she is still in her late 20’s and still has a long way to go. As of the time of writing this, she has an estimated net worth of between $1 million to a maximum of $5 million.

Erin Yvette- Awards And Nominations

Erin Yvette has made moves in the aspect of voiceovers in the entertainment industry and has been recognized widely for her works. She has since been nominated for many awards of which she had been able to win just one.

She won the NAVGTR award for the Best Performance in a Comedy, Supporting her work as Sasha in Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Games Series (2014).
She went on to be nominated at the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award as Best Vocal Ensemble in a Video Game for her work in The Wolf Among Us (2013). She was also nominated six other times at the BTVA Video Game Voice Acting Award of which she didn’t grab any.

This isn’t exactly ideal for an actress who has been tipped to be the next big thing in voice acting in the entertainment industry. But being a young actress she still has time left on her side to still prove a point.

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