Penelope Reed-Woods: All The Things We Know About Her

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Penelope Reed-Woods

Penelope Reed-Woods is best known for her role in the movie Romeo and Juliet (2014), which was created by George Anton where she portrayed the character called Sampsona.

We have no idea what she looks like in appearance if she is a brunette or a blonde cause there are no photographs of her to ascertain that. The only image available online is gotten from a scene in the movie “Amazons” and she had strawberry blonde hair in it.

In as much as there some aspects of her life that are sketchy, we are going to glean all the information we can get about the actress and share the same with you.
Here is everything we know about her life and career, at the time this article was written.


Penelope Reed, who is now known as Penelope Reed-Woods was born on the 5th of February, 1959 on a farm in Missouri State, in the United States of America. She is currently 62 years old and her star sign is Aquarius. There is no available information as it concerns her parents, neither are there records showing any siblings of the actress.

There are no records of the high school she attended and the state it was located but we know she did before going on to the University.


Penelope Reed-Woods by her choice of career is an American actress. She is not just into acting but she is also a costume designer. Before she started acting, she was first a model, which she did for a year, while she was residing in St. Louis. This was after she bagged a BA degree from the University of Missouri -Columbia.

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She then moved on to theatre, before taking a giant stride to the city of Los Angeles in 1982. That move orchestrated her path to the movie industry. This happened after she had worked for over ten years in different sectors in show biz like television, commercials, theatre, and as a bikini model.

Movies she has appeared in are; Amazons (1986) as Tashi, Hollywood Boulevard II (1989) as Amazon warrior with a crystal, Far Out Man (1990) as a Stewardess, Destructor (1990), Keep the Faith, and as Katrina in Hired to Kill (1990); a story centered around a fashion photographer and seven young models, who traveled to an island fortress in South America.

They intended to do a fashion photoshoot, little did they know that the photographer had other motives for being there. He was only doing his job as a mercenary, to free an imprisoned rebel leader while they were there.


Her net worth is not known but has been estimated to be around the sum of $1 million and $1.3 million. For an actress who has been in the scene for such a long time, that sum is not much at all, when compared with other actresses whose careers just started but are worth much than this.


From her change of name, Penelope Jane Reed, you can already guess what her relationship status is. Penelope Reed-woods is very much married to the man who won her heart. His name is Micheal K. Woods, he is also an actor, and they both tied the knot in the year 1990.

Aside from Michael K. Woods, there is no mention of any other lovers Penelope had taken in the course of her life before she got married to him. They have two male children between them, Jason Woods who was birthed in 1992 (now 29), and Ethan Woods who followed him after five years in 1997 (now 24). The duo have been married for a solid 31 years now and counting, something that seems to be going out of style lately.

Image source: Notrecinema