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Five Things You Need to Know About Will Smith is not a list post. The topic suggests a list, yes, and the body might even be numbered, yes, but this is not a List Post because it is about one person. Any post that compares more than one actor or show or situation in which more than one writer airs her view is what we refer to as a List Post and include under this category.

Coronavirus movies

A List Of All The Movies Impacted By Coronavirus

The world is coming to an end. Sports events are canceled or suspended, casinos are shut, restaurants, bars, and parks are closed, the roads are deserted, schools have moved online, churches are empty, holy grounds and monasteries are closed from worshippers, cable networks are running amok and there are no late-night comedians to lampoon the ...

2020 movie releases

2020 Movie Releases: Dates, Genres, The Full Schedule

2019 just went out of the door, the smoke of its pyre is still in the air but we are already feeling the heat of 2020. 2019 was a good year for the industry. It was a year that Netflix consolidated its power by giving us great shows, the most outstanding been Martin Scorcese’s “The ...


Uniport: 5 Entertainers You Didn’t Know Studied In The University

Established in 1975, the University of Port Harcourt is one of the famous second-generation universities in Nigeria. The university prides itself “For Enlightenment and Self-Reliance” and has largely lived up to this slogan in the caliber and size of its alumni. You probably know that names such as Goodluck Jonathan, Rotimi Amaechi, Timipre Sylva, and ...

Blonde Actresses

Six Beautiful And Unmarried Blonde Actresses

Finding blonde actresses is not so rare but finding one who is blonde and hot comes a little rarer. The absolute gift is running into one who is blonde, hot and single. Thanks to us, you don’t need to run into anyone in Hollywood as we have collated a list of these stars. There are ...